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Bush, September 10, 2001,
You and Dick were getting nothing done
Then a glorious surprise,
A blessing in disguise,
The fire in the sky
3000 people die.

Bush, when Andrew Card gave you the news,
You reacted like you already knew,
You kept reading in that class,
You sat there on your ass,
Instead of acting fast,
You let it come to pass.

I used to think you're a fool
Now I know that you are cruel
You milked it for all it's worth
Told yourself you'd rule the Earth.

Bush, you swagger but you're not so tough
You're a chicken with its head cut off
I can never understand
The motives of a man
Who worships God on high
No matter who may die.

Bush, remember as you drop the bomb,
You're creating your own Vietnam
Since you dodged the draft back then
You cannot comprehend
The side effects of war
The scars forever more.

The body bags no-one sees
The truth is now your enemy
The media complicity:
CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

Bush, you're not as dumb as you may seem
One man's nightmare is another's dream
Build your empire in the sand
And hope that it might stand
But time erases all
And empires always fall...

If the leader of all men
The one who can say when
The button should be pushed
God help us if it's BUSH!

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