Bombs on Fallujah

Vicki Ryder
Lingua: Inglese

Glory, glory Hallelujah!
We're dropping bombs on poor Fallujah!
Our bombs will bring democracy and voting rights for all,
Just like we have at home.

We know that God is on our side and that our way is right,
And so we drop our bombs on you so that you'll see the light.
We want you to be just like us, so why put up a fight?
Our bombs will set you free!

Glory, glory Hallelujah!
If you're not with us we say "Screw ya!"
We'll kill you all until you have democracy like ours!
Our bombs will set you free!

We know that you'll be grateful when our bombing raids are done,
And those of you still left alive will bless us everyone,
And vote the way we want you to - now won't that be such fun?
Our bombs will set you free!

Glory, glory Hallelujah!
We're bring' democracy right to ya!
So just put down your guns and never mind your sovereignty
Our bombs will set you free!

We'll conquer every nation state that doesn't stand with us
And there's no use in putting up a protest or a fuss
We've gone and killed our Bill of Rights so that you could be free
No one dare disagree!

(Repeat first chorus)

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