Ballads of Joe Hill
Lingua: Inglese

Well, the rope I tied it strong
And I hung it to the lamp,
That was shining in my ceiling with a light so cold and damp

Well with the rope around my neck
And my gaze set to the sky
The rope was rigged and ready, Oh I wish you all goodbye

Last week I killed a man
I shot him with my gun
My Sergeant said I did the right, well it cannot be undone..

Well there's one thing I must say
Before I'll make my step
Farewell unto you nature, us you always did accept

Farewell unto the poor man
And rich man with his slave
I hope that you'll come visit, when I'm lyin' in my grave.

And farewell unto the mountains
You the stories speak about
I know we would not be here, if you we were without

Farewell unto the white man
And the black man and his son
I know I've never met you, well now my time is done

Goodbye my dearest children
Now it's time for daddy to sleep
Soon we will all meet again, there is no use to weep.

And farewell unto my dearest wife
Who always stayed so true
Please take care of our children, In your dreams I'll be with you

I hope you'll find this letter
And read it for our kids
I hope this letter finds you, from this battlefield I'm on

I'll miss you all I promise
Well in heaven I'll wait for you
And when look at the night stars, I will look back to you.

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