Ellis Island

Loris Vescovo
Lingua: Friulano

all arrive on the shores of life from the belly of this water
from the wings of winds that pick us
one by soul, unique soul
but then we grow away from ourselves
trying to prove how big we are
we forgot that the only religion that should prevail is love
love that summons up hope and humility
your people are not better than mine
no flower in this garden of life
is beyond another

a ’nd àn contâts milante
talians bastarts e sporcs
a rivin di ogni bande
peçotârs a New York
e cuant che a son a retis
de tiare i barcjarûi
ducj butâts fûr da barcje
dal len fûr i carûi

tra al sglonfôr di dôs panzis
garbenîrs gravidanzis

noialtri a schena rota
a contrato dal paron
e lori adeso i riva
sensa benedision
vestili da leproti
sparaghe col canon
via fora chesti inseti
dala nostra nasion

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