Ninety Miles From Dublin

Christy Moore
Lingua: Inglese

I’m ninety miles from Dublin town

I’m in an H-Block cell
To help you understand me plight

This story now I’ll tell
I’m on the blanket protest
My efforts must not fail
For I’m joined by men and women
In the Kesh and Armagh jail
It all began one morning
I was dragged to Castlereagh
And though it was three years ago
It seems like yesterday
For three days kicked and beaten
I then was forced to sign
Confessions that convicted me
Of deeds that were not mine
Sentenced in a Diplock Court
My protest it began
I could not wear this prison gear
I was a blanket man
I’ll not accept their status
I’ll not be criminalised
That’s the issue in the blocks
For which we give our lives

Over there in London town
Oh how they’d laugh and sneer
If they could only make us wear
Their loathsome prison gear
Prisoners of war that’s what we are
And that we must remain
The blanket protest cannot end
Till status we regain
I’ve been beaten round the romper room
Because I won’t say ‘Sir’
I’ve been frogmarched down the landing
And dragged back by the hair
I’ve suffered degradation
Humility and pain
Still the spirit does not falter
British torture is in vain

I’ve been held in scalding water
While me back with deck scrubs was tore
I’ve been scratched and cut from head to foot
Then thrown out on the floor
I’ve suffered mirror searches
Been probed by drunken bears
I’ve heard me comrades cry and scream
Then utter useless prayers
Now with the news that’s coming in
Our protest must not fail
For now we’re joined by thirty girls
In Armagh’s women’s jail
So pay attention Irishmen
And Irish women too
And show the Free State rulers that
Their silence will not do
Though it’s ninety miles from Dublin town
It seems so far away
There’s more attention to our plight
In the USA
Now you’ve heard the story
Of this filthy living hell
Remember ninety miles away
I’m still in an H-Block cell

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