Dancing at Whitsun

Shirley Collins
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Anthems In Eden"
Parole di Austin John Marshall
Arrangiamento musicale di Shirley e Dolly Collins sul motivo tradizionale "The False Bride"

 Shirley Collins

Per secoli la "Morris Dance", una danza di gruppo popolare inglese, fu eseguita nelle feste solo dagli uomini. Ma durante e subito dopo il primo conflitto mondiale, in molti villaggi rurali gli uomini erano quasi scomparsi, tutti ammazzati dalla guerra. Così furono le donne, le madri, le vedove, le fidanzate, le sorelle, le figlie di quei soldati a tenere in vita la tradizione.
"Whitsun" è la festa della Pentecoste.
It's fifty long springtimes since she was a bride,
But still you may see her at each Whitsuntide
In a dress of white linen with ribbons of green,
As green as her memories of loving.

The feet that were nimble tread carefully now,
As gentle a measure as age will allow,
Through groves of white blossoms, by fields of young corn,
Where once she was pledged to her true-love.

The fields they stand empty, the hedges grow (go) free
No young men to turn them or pastures go see (seed)
They are gone where the forest of oak trees before
Have gone, to be wasted in battle.

Down from the green farmlands and from their loved ones
Marched husbands and brothers and fathers and sons.
There's a fine roll of honor where the Maypole once stood,
And the ladies go dancing at Whitsun.

There's a straight row of houses in these latter days
All covering the downs where the sheep used to graze.
There's a field of red poppies (a gift from the Queen)
But the ladies remember at Whitsun,
And the ladies go dancing at Whitsun.

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