Farewell, Mr. Charlie

Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick
Lingua: Inglese

Farewell, Mister Charlie, the trumpet has sounded
It was heard in the cities, they are falling to the ground.
Green trees are bending, and rocks are crying out,
Farewell, Mister Charlie, your system is a prison
And we must leave now.

If we don’t get god appliances, we will throw them away
No more Motorola, just RCA.
I wouldn’t call this looting, just getting what’s mine,
There is no use of weeping, there is no use of crying,
Everything’s going to fine.

We made cotton king and didn’t get a thing
But poverty, brutality and a sleep in the rain.
Now the tide is turning and everything is flame,
And it causes me to sing.

The imperialists and capitalists are in the court yard,
Twenty thousand black boys have escaped from the guard
From a place of imprisonment for three hundred years,
Farewell, Mr. Charlie, the sky is on fire
And we have no fears.

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