Train For Auschwitz

Tom Paxton
Lingua: Inglese

I see a long train coming
across the Polish plains
The passengers it carries
ain't coming back again

This train is bound for Auschwitz
Like many another one
The passengers condemned to die
But no crime have they done

They are jammed into the boxcars
So tight against the wall
And in those cars the dead men stand
There is not room to fall

Now the reason they are dying
I will explain to you
Adolf Hitler has decided
To exterminate the Jew

He ships them off to Auschwitz
The train unloads them there
And standing by the railroad track
They take their last breath - of fresh air

The S.S. troopers herd them
Right down a well worn path
Into a hall where they are told
They are to take a bath

When they're undressed they're led inside
A giant shower room
The door is sealed behind them
And it also seals their doom

Inside the room there drops a bomb
Of Nazi poison gas
And not one soul is left alive
When fifteen - minutes pass

Now the men who did these awful crimes
They wish they'd murdered more
The only thing they're sorry for
Is that they - lost the war

And hundreds of these murderers
Still walk the earth today
Just hoping for a chance to kill
The ones - that got away

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