James Jackson Holmes

Canzoni contro la guerra di James Jackson Holmes

Transcript from an Interview with James Jackson Holmes

Industrial age blues and folkā€¦ James Jackson Holmes delivers acoustic songs for a decaying 21st Century society, making use of such crude industrial devices as electronic instruments, mobile phones and other machinery. Once the power goes out and these crude devices become useless, it will still be possible to pick up the acoustic guitar and play these songs.

Do you play live?

I haven't played live for a long time, not since being part of a band a few years ago. These songs were made to be played live.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

It's made the music industry much more aggressive against piracy.

Your influences?

Abba to Zappa...

Equipment used: Primarily guitars... Supporting devices include 5 string bass, Yamaha DX9 synthesiser, Yamaha RX5 drum machine, Samsung T100 mobile phone, etc etc