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Antiwar songs by Steve Bell
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Steve Bell"Steve Bell creates music that speaks to me, and gives me a sense of Christ's presence. There's depth to his message, and his own comments give ample testimony that all that he does, he does to further Christ's Kingdom."
- Tony Campolo, Professor of Sociology, Eastern College

Billboard Magazine’s Larry LeBlanc calls Steve "a Canadian musical treasure". Music critic Brian Quincy Newcome refers to his music as "intelligent, evocative and emotionally moving", and CBA Magazine claims "there’s a completely refreshing joy of expectancy in Bell’s music."

Born in Calgary, Steve’s life has revolved around music from his earliest years. Beginning with his family’s traveling Gospel band, it then moved through ten years of performance in the nightclubs of central Canada, to a full time career as a Christian singer/songwriter. This most recent leg of his journey has yielded nine solo albums, two concert videos, two Juno Awards for best Gospel Album and a touring schedule that spans North America, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Ireland, Poland, Bulgaria and the Caribbean.

"I have felt the call of God on my life since I was a young boy," says Bell, "but it didn’t become specific until my late 20s. That’s when I understood the call; that as that as I continued to sing and play, battles would be fought and won that I knew nothing about." Since that time, Steve’s music took on a new urgency and purpose; often using Scripture as a lyrical base, and drawing on the musical influences of Bruce Cockburn, Leo Kottke, Dougie McLean and T Bone Burnett. It is a rootsy folk/pop style that evokes in his listeners the worship of God.

With his signing to Rhythm House Records his first US single, Here By The Water, reached the top 10, and his second, "Wings of An Eagle" reached top 5 on the CCM Inspirational chart. With his new album, "Waiting for Aidan" Steve continues to encourage Christian Faith through artful word and song.

Steve presently lives in Manitoba with his wife Nanci and their three children: Sarah, Jesse and Micah.