Passions Pains & Protestations

Antiwar songs by Passions Pains & Protestations

Transcript from an Interview with Adrian Pratt

Adrian Pratt, Baldwin -NY, USA.. Introducing the greatest talent ever to emerge from the orange bedroom at my parents house. I play guitar like.... well, like a guy playing guitar. I sometimes enjoy beans on toast for breakfast. And in the cracks between the eating, sleeping, laughing, crying, working, breathing experience that is my life there sometimes slips out songs like these.

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Pondering on issues social and theological. Some of these things I'm passionate about, others are painful to consider. Maybe they are a form of protest. But none of them sat well amongst other songs I've written so I'm putting them all together here.

Why this name?

In many ways I totally resemble the character this band is named after.

Do you play live?

I live to play! Barely a day goes by without some strumming here or there.. churches, schools, front rooms, back porch, locked in a cupboard... I'm there. I occasionally have opportunities to perform some of theses songs live. I'm open to invitations to do so more often.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

I love it! I've had all these songs sitting around in dusty files and humming throughout the canyons of mind... and nobody really knows about them except me.. so the advent of MP3dom means I can finally exorcise those sounds form my tortured brain. Now is any record company going to come and offer my huge amounts of dosh to exploit my talent? Yeh! And pigs can fly. Sites like this just bypass their greedy paws. A useful forum for people like myself to connect with others. It is unlikely that any of this stuff... would attract the moguls of the music industry! But here at least I can float it

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Hmm. Let's think about this. A major label is going to offer an old guy like me a contract on the basis of the music at this site? A record company interested in music? That'd be a novelty!

Your influences?

What ever I hear as soon as I get out of bed

Favorite spot?

Mostly just wherever I happen to be.

Equipment used: Guitars, Keyboard, Computer, My big mouth