Canzoni contro la guerra di Daveski

Transcript from an Interview with Daveski.

Daveski aka David Pankoski, based in Bloomington, IN, USA.. How long do you play?

I've been playing over 40 years. Guitar, slide and bass. Very basic keyboard stuff.
These are some songs I started writing and recorded in late 2005, early 2006. I recorded them at home in my loft using cassette machines and a couple of microphones. Pretty barebones stuff. I keep writing and adding new songs as I get the motivation. Life provides lots of that.

Why this name?

That's me.

Do you play live?

I have played locally with a few different bands. Playing live is always satisfying with the right people on stage and in the audience.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

It makes it easy for guys like me to share their music. I have some things to say and find I can express them better thru music than any other way.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Very low probability of that happening. The value added for myself is non-existent.

Your influences?

Anybody who plays electric guitar, on the harder side though.

Favorite spot?

Wherever I happen to be with Bethski.

Equipment used: Old Yamaha keyboard for the drums. Yamaha Pacifica 112M guitar and an Aslin-Dane Blackwing guitar(lots of the backing tracks and slide and some leads) on the early songs. Stillwater tele for slide/lead on the song Sam's Blues. (OK Matt) Boss GT-6. Crate TV-6210 guitar amp. Behringer BX3000T bass amp through 2 Pioneer PW-382 15" speakers and a Goodmans 12" speaker. Peavey Fury bass guitar. I have exclusively used modified Carlson and Indiana telecasters since early 2007, and recently recorded using a completely rebuilt $45 Behringer iAXE393 guitar. I like to see what I can get out of the cheapo guitars. Its fun to show up at jam sessions with cheapo guitars and proceed to 'wipe the floor' (as Ritchie Blackmore once said) with them. Big pile of cassette machines. Recorded drums and guitar first. Played-back and added bass. Used that track to add vocals and lead guitar. Transferred that tape to MP3 format using a couple of programs that my buddy gave me.

Anything else...?

My vocals are marginal as I have a limited range, so I talk in many of the songs. That being said, I prefer to have a marginal voice doing blues influenced rock than a perfect voice doing mindless pop or an endless stream of the rap or the hip-hop nonsense. Contact me at
http://d.pankoski.home.insightbb.com/ or pankoski@insightbb.com