Andy Laverghetta

Canzoni contro la guerra di Andy Laverghetta

Transcript from an Interview with Andy Laverghetta

Guitarist / vocalist influenced heavily by legends like Iron Maiden and Megadeth, and eventually by prog metal bands like Fates Warning and Dream Theater. You have performed for 20 + years and still love writing/recording:
Seventh Reich 1991-1993
Seekers Pass 1994-1998
Solo 1998-2000
Urban Tractor Pull 2000-2003
Vivid Black 2007-2008

enjoying the opportunity to write, record, and share music, Why this name?'s my name. Too busy to take the time to come up with something... maybe someday soon.

Do you play live?

Haven't played live much in the last few years. Family, 9-5 job, etc. make it tough to find the time to fit in the music, which is why I've enjoyed my home studio so much.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

Gives everyone an opportunity to get themselves heard. On the other hand, probably makes it that much harder to be heard by the right people. So much overload on the people with the money to spend on talent...

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

For the right price.

Your influences?

Iron Maiden (Adrian Smith) was my first real "guitar hero". The song Wasted Years was my inspiration for picking up a guitar. As I progressed as a guitarist I looked for more and more challenging songs to play, so I got into Megadeth, and eventually into bands like Fates Warning and Dream Theater. Nowadays I've been listening to bands like Killswitch and Protest the Hero among many others. Vocally I've been compared to Geoff Tate (I took opera lessons in college), and I know the Bruce Dickinson influence is there.

Favorite spot?

Hilton Head Island, SC

Equipment used: Mesa Boogie TriAxis, Simul 2-90, ESP Guitars, record on the Zoom MRS 1608

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