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Antiwar songs by Doc Jazz
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Doc Jazz"The musical Intifadah" :

Doc Jazz was born and raised in the Netherlands, but has maintained strong personal and cultural ties with his country of origin Palestine, having frequently payed visits to his grandparents’ home in the West Bank. A dedicated surgeon, his artistic outlet seems to be mainly to produce songs - mostly in English, but also in Arabic and in Dutch - many of which invite people to think, often with a positive note, but sometimes with sharp yet subtle cynicism. The music however maintains an overall positive sound, due to the rhythms and harmonies.
For many years, he started and maintained the website “The Musical Intifada”; dedicated to protesting against the injustices perpetrated against the Palestinians through music in many languages and styles as possible.
Nowadays, especially after long hours in the hospital, Doc Jazz still retreats into his studio to create his musical poems, and releases them to the masses over the internet. Be sure to stay informed, so you are always the first to hear his latest.