Maioan Person

Antiwar songs by Maioan Person

Maioan Person AKA Midge Potts lives in the Missouri Ozarks, but has also spent a lot of time in Washington DC... in between she plays shows here and there and everywhere.

She writes songs to empower people. In the early days alot of her songs were aimed toward personal empowerment and now many are aimed toward educationing people on issues such as militarism, globalization, diversity, and herbal medicine among other things.

Maioan Person is not just a musician, but also an activist who commits herSelf to helping organize demonstrations, rallies and protests wherever and whenever she can.

Currently Midge is running for congress!

In February of 2005 Maioan was arrested protesting against torture on the Supreme Ccurt steps and she was arrested again for civil disobedience on the White House sidewalk September 26th 2005 with Cindy Sheehan and over 300 other activists. She has also taken her activism to extreme levels in the form of many vigils at the White house and several peace walks up to 330 miles.

She has 2 complete albums: Begin Creation (2001) & America Incorporated (2005)... 2 mini-albums: W Is For WAR (2003), Truth At The Heart (2004)... and has had a couple songs on compiliation CD's by 3000 Records with nation wide distribution and airplay.

Maioan Person has played at several large festivals including the Million Marijuana March on the steps of the capitol building in Jefferson City Missouri 2003, Pride In The Park, Springfield Missouri (2003), Cannabis Liberation Day at MU campus in Columbia Missouri (2004), DC ANti-War Netowrks inaugural rally at McPherson Square in DC (Jan 20th 2005), Mobilization For Global JustIce's World Bank rally's at Dupont Circle (April 16th 2005 & September 24th 2005). She has also played at many coffee houses, info shops and a few bars, as well as street corners across the USA.

She is currently completing another full album called "The Virtues of Diversity" that should be done by January 2006.