Chemical Mike

Canzoni contro la guerra di Chemical Mike

Transcript from an interview with Chemical Mike

Hi, I'm Mike live in Bristol, UK. And… I'm currently working on new material. Hopefully I will have some new songs out in a few months. The new stuff should be a bit more guitar oriented. I'm working on some older songs as well which I haven't released before. Thanks for listening, and don't forget to mention my page to your friends.

“Chemical”… Why this name?

I was heading back home one day, after a one man protest against the war in Iraq. And all that walking made me thirsty, so I walked into my local for a quick pint. As I walked in, everyone noticed what I was wearing, and I got quite a few comments (which was good considering I was trying to raise awareness about Iraq..) I was wearing a long black leather trench coat and a gas mask, by the way. Anyways, as I walked in, one of my mates shouted: « It's Chemical Mike!! », and ever since, the name stuck.

Do you play live?

I go to a few open mic nights, every now and again, but I prefer recording at home, because it allows you more time to be creative with a new riff or beat. And I get a bigger buzz from taking a recording and playing around with get to see which directions the riff will take you. when your live you dont have as much room for experimentation. after all, its just as important to know what sounds BAD as it is to know what sounds GOOD.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

The internet allows people like me or you to circumvent the industry and become a success on our own terms. But as more unknown artists gain "fame", using the internet, our very perception of artists will ultimately change in time, and quite dramatically...So, sometime in the future, the guy/girl selling the multiplatinum album wont always be living in a mansion somewhere, they'll probably be in a regular everyday person like you or me putting it out on mp3 like we are now.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Major labels DO have the clout to get your music heard, so yeah I'd consider it. Obviously the contract would have to be worth while.

Band History?

I've pretty much always been my own band. I've worked on projects with friends, and we've wrote songs together but I wouldn't call us a band. More like a co-operative.

Your influences?

Influences...,which ones was I under the influence of?? (just kidding.., I actually DON'T take chemicals.)
Seriously though, I like almost every kind of guitar style you can think of Jimi Hendrix, Nuno Bettencourt(Extreme), Charlie Parr, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, 13thFloor Elevators, Nick Cave, Drum&Bass, Sisters Of Mercy, Pearl Jam, But I love Blues, Tribal, Classical, Folk, etc....too many to list really.

Favorite spot?

There was a spot on my backside, but now its gone. I loved that spot. ha ha ha!!!

Anything else...?

An inspired & confident mental attitude...face it dude, if your not up to it, its going to show no matter how hard you try to fake it. Find that happy place...,find that happy place.....

Equipment used:

I play guitar, and dabble a bit into keyboard. I also play the bongos, and I play the computer as well. CUBASE RULES!!

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