The American Crisis Demo

Canzoni contro la guerra di The American Crisis Demo

The American Crisis started as an idea in the Summer of 2002. The original members intended in the band were; Daniel on Vocals, Jon on Guitar, Ed on Bass, and Justin on Drums. They were never serious about the whole idea of the band. Me (Daniel) and Justin were. He was always at my house, so we'd write lyrics. A whole lot too! We actually really wrote like 2 together. But still we would throw around ideas of who to get in the band. We knew no one serious enough to play bass or knew any okay guitarist's. Then finally the Summer ended and he went back home to Palm Springs, yes all the way in Palm Springs. Then after school started, I met lots of new people who wanted to make a band as much as I did. Jon then came back wanting to be the guitarist. And I also met Michel. He plays bass. Soon Justin was coming back to Rialto. So he was gonna be on drums again. Soon after nothing ever took launch. Around November '02, I asked Mike and Emmanuel to be in the band. Turned out that Mike played bass, and was good, same for Emmanuel with the guitar. So all we need was a drummer. No one plays drums! We found this guy Andrew. But he later went to Christian school for being bad. After a short search we asked my friend Kevin to drum. I had no clue he played the drums. So we would go to his house and practice. I already had lyrics, so we had made our first and most original song, "Kill The Innocent!"


We are a punk band from Rialto California. Our main influences are the music of bands like Discharge and anarchist lyrics like that of Resist and Exist.

Why this name?

Our guitarist thought up the name before we were even a full band.

Do you play live?

We play mainly local, we are always looking for new shows. We love playing as a band and we hope to stay a band for a long time.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

Mp3s work for the people instead of the greedy sell out record labels all about profit and not the music. Who the hell wants to pay 20 bucks for a CD that only cost a few to make anyway?

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

I would never sell out like that!

We had practiced for a while but made nothing. Then we would have problems with his neighbor. Some old lady who hated punk. So we had no more practice. So then the band broke up. Me and Mike really wanted to start again. Emmanuel wasn't so thrilled. He said the band was DEAD. So we looked and found Shane at P.E. Mike would bug him for his Bad Brains button which he eventually lost. So we started a good friendship with this guy we would just see at P.E. Then it turned out he played guitar. So we were thrilled. We needed a drummer. Then my friend Mark bought a drum set. He already had rhythm. So he practiced and practiced. Eventually we really digged the sound he developed. So we got together and practiced. It went alright, Shane and Mark learned how to play "Kill The Innocent". Then Mike left to his homeland in the Philippines for a visit. While his absence, me and Shane put a band together. Well the thing was that Shane and Mark were not in The American Crisis yet. Any whom, yeah the side project was named "Toxic America", consisted of Shane on vocals, Daniel(Me)on guitar, A.J on bass, and Mark on drums. We made a couple of songs already. We thought that this band was heading somewhere. But we just stopped. We made "Army of Lies", and "Hypocritical System". Toxic America just died. Then Mike came. A new Mike, A darker one. Well, we decided to have Shane and Mark in the band. We were back with 3 songs. Then we had written a song with Lerby. "Hot Topic". It was just something we made from being bored. After awhile of me being vocals and lead guitar and Shane rhythm. We realized that Shane made the guitars sound crowded. We decided to have Shane as the singer now. And me just guitar and back up vocals. We were all happy. Plus it sounded great. The guitar sounded better and the vocal work was awesome. That’s when we found our best sound. So that’s how the line up has stayed.

Shane "Rockethead" Couts-Vocals
Daniel "Danimal" Navarro-Guitar And Back Up Vocals
Mark "C.A.V.E.M.A.N" Gabriel-Drums And Back Up Vocals

Your influences?

Discharge, Resist and Exist, or any other political punk/ anarcho-punk bands that are more about making a difference than making profit.

Favorite spot?

Hollywood Blvd!

Anything else...?

A.P.U. Peace And Protected Sex!

Equipment used:

Drums, A Guitar, A Mic, and A Bass.

Mike-Bass And Back Up Vocals
Kevin Christ-Drums

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