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Canzoni contro la guerra di Alien Stash Tin
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Alien Stash TinAlien Stash Tin are a bunch of old rockers formed in 2002 in Bristol / Cheltenham area who believe in growing old disgracefully. With over 100 years of collective experience between them they aren’t gonna change a habit of a lifetime now!!

Alien Stash Tin was formed in September 2002 by a group of Bristol based musicians and the line up has since undergone several changes. The band made their live debut in August 2003 supporting Bad Manners at the annual ‘Respect In The West’ anti-racism festival and since then has gigged their way steadily round the South West building a steadily growing fan base. (A full account can be found on our official website
Style of Music: Blues Rock/Space Rock with elements of Punk and Funk

Bands we have performed with: Bad Manners, Eddie Martin, Rita Lynch, Spit Like This, Dumpy's Rusty Nuts, Flash Harry, Fortune Drive, Poodles of Doom, Zombie Met Girl, Crimson Sky.


Venues we have performed in: Bath :- The Kings Arms, Moles Club. Bridgewater :- The Cross Rifles. Bristol :- The Croft, The Bunch Of Grapes, Fleece And Firkin, The Old Tavern (Stapleton), The Full Moon, The Junction, The Louisiana, The Bristol Sports And Social Club, Barton Hill Settlement, The Bierkeller, The Reckless Engineer, The Plough (Easton), The Hop Pole (Redfield), The George And Dragon (Pucklechurch), The Holy Cross Social Club, The Polish Club, Old Nicks, The Crown (St Nicholas Market), Mr Wolfs. The Horseshoe (Downend), Roosters, The Old Fox, Area 81 Rock Club, The Cooler, Fiddlers. Chepstow :- The Five Alls. Dursley :- The Yew Tree. Frome :- The Griffin. Glastonbury :- Backpackers, The Rifleman's Arms. Gloucester :- The Welsh Harp. Midsomer Norton :- The Wunderbar. Swindon :- The Bee Hive, Rolleston Arms. Wells :- The Kings Head. Weston Super Mare :- Scally's, The Rock Garden. Tavistock :- Tavistock Inn.

"The Druid band from Hell kicks arse" - Ectospazz.

"Alien Stash Tin are one of those gold nuggets of a band, in a sense that they refuse to put themselves, or be put into a box" - Ian Bartlett

"This album is very very good. It is unique. It is obviously the result of a lot of intense work. If all musicians could produce an album of this quality in their lifetime, they would die happy. Off it goes, straight into the Bristol Rocks top 10, well done AST!" Kevin (

"I proudly present Alien Stash Tin a band that have been knocking around since 2002 and have slowly but surely honed their craft until BINGO a CD that is full of great rock songs with hooks that just won't go away!" - Constable Napweed (

"Listening to this album is great its like time traveling snatching these rock gods and transporting them to now, depriving the sixties and seventies of something great but hey it's 2007 our need is greater, its like a piece of the past.." - Lynnie (Livingston, Scotland)

"Their performance hit the right spots not through virtuosity but with the knowledge that music is the space between the notes, a mature restraint drove their sound, lending itself well to the oppressive “I'm Watching You”, which built up like a tribal beat, musically demonic" -Quote from the review of the Anti-War Benefit Gig, 4th May 2007. James Hollingsworth.

"...they quickly got into their stride, reminiscent of Dumpy's Rusty Nuts, Hawkwind, Santana, Gong's Flying Teapots and Cream, with twin-lead guitars and drawled bluesy-rock harmonies." - Quote from the review of the Anti-War Benefit Gig, 4th May 2007. James Hollingsworth.

"We've been wearing out their latest CD, buy a copy and we bet you will too!" - BILL MACKECHNIE - Anubis Spire guitarist.

"I wouldn't usually gravitate towards your sort of music, but I was fascinated by your skill. " - anon


Why this name?

One of the original line-up had a stash tin with a picture of an alien on the lid, we used the name to book our first ever rehearsal and it kind of stuck.

Do you play live?

We play anywhere that will have us. AST is a live band first and foremost and our main reason for being is to play in front of people and entertain them. Since we started we have been concentrating on gigging our way around the Bristol and Somerset areas but are looking to travel further a field over the next year. Highlights of our past gigs include a couple of free festivals, support slots with Bad Manners, and Cauda Pavonis and crazy crazy nights in as diverse places as Glastonbury – Backpacker’s, The Yew Tree in Dursley and The legendary Bunch of Grapes in Bristol.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

The Internet has definitely made it easier for a band to market and develop its music independently of record company interference. You can also reach out to the whole world; we send our monthly newsletter worldwide to places as far away as South Korea, the USA and Bosnia. It also makes finding places to play and bands to play with far easier than it ever was before.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Probably not, but if they were offering us the right package and we retained full artistic control then we would definitely consider the offer.

Your influences?

Our influences are many and various, consisting of what the members are into. Basically the foundation is 70’s and 80’s rock and metal; Hawkwind, Led Zep, Jethro Tull, Lou Reed, Black Sabbath, Marillion, The Groundhogs, Budgie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, even a dash of (Shock horror) early Status Quo, but on top of that you have other influences like 80’s electro pop, acid psychedelia, reggae, old school punk and even stuff like NOFX and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. We like to think there is something for everyone in our sound.

Favorite spot?

The English West Country as a whole, wonderful people, beautiful places and gallons of rough cider. (Could you ask for anything more?) Favourite venue has to be either The Bunch of Grapes in Bristol, or Backpacker’s in Glastonbury.

Anything else...?

There is no such thing as a stranger; the whole world is full of friends we have yet to meet.

Equipment used:

Marshall, Laney and Trace Elliot back line and anything that we can make sound good played through it.

Band Members:

Jon Wisbey - Guitars/Vocals,
Jon Gould - Guitars,
AJ Pearce - Bass,
Bruce Morgan - Drums.

Official Website:
MySpace page: