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Antiwar songs by Sara Marlowe
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Sara MarloweSara Marlowe is a Toronto based singer/songwriter and political activist. She is the lead vocalist, guitar player, and writer. Her musical pursuits have included performing in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, studying opera at The University of Toronto and jazz at Humber College, teaching music to youngsters, hosting open mic nights and performing in political musical theater.

Sara plays both as a solo performer as well as witha full back up band. The full band includes backing vocals, Djembe, bass, guitar, flute, and congas. They play at various demonstrations, political events including the bioDiversity picnic with David Suzuki, International Women's Day and Dec 6th, the ani-G8 protests in Alberta, and band venues around Southern Ontario.

The band strives to create a reflective atmosphere while also playing tunes to invite people just to get up and dance.
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