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YesYes were formed in 1968 by Jon Anderson (vocals) and Chris Squire (bass). They were joined by Bill Bruford (drums), Peter Banks (guitar) and Tony Kaye (keyboards). They experienced early exposure by opening for Cream at their farewell concert and by appearing on John Peel's BBC program Top Gear. Yes were signed to Atlantic Records and released two albums, Yes and Time And A Word before Banks was replaced by Steve Howe. The guitar virtuosity of Howe added to Yes' already progressive sound and increased interest in the band. The Yes Album featured their first song to chart in the US, "Your Move." Many of the songs on the album would become a permanent part of their concert set list and one, "I've Seen All Good People" became their best know song. Kaye left and was replaced by Rick Wakeman. Fragile was another big album and it contained the hit "Roundabout." Bruford departed and was replaced by Alan White.

Their next album is often named as their best, the double Close To The Edge. Yes followed it up with two more big albums, the triple live Yessongs, and another double album, Tales From Topographic Oceans. Wakeman left and was replaced by Patrick Moraz for the Relayer album. Yes took a hiatus for over two years to work on solo projects and when they returned, Wakeman was back in. They released two more albums, Going For The One and Tormato, before another three year break during which Wakeman and Anderson left. They were replaced by Trevor Horn and Geoffrey Downes of the Buggles for the 1980 album Drama. Yes announced their break up in 1981.

They returned in 1983 with the line up of Anderson, Kaye, Squire, White and guitarist Trevor Rabin. Yes had a huge hit with "Owner Of A Lonely Heart," produced by Trevor Horn. The 90125 album followed, but it would be another four years until the next album, the less successful Big Generator. In 1989, Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe released a successful album under that name. They were prevented from calling it Yes due to litigation form other former band members.

The Yes name was allowed to be used for their 1991 tour and the line-up was Anderson, Howe, Wakeman, Squire, Kaye, White, Rabin and Bruford. This lineup also released the hit album, Union. Howe, Wakeman and Bruford left before the recording of their next album, Talk, which wasrecorded by Anderson, Kaye, Squire, Rabin and White. Keyboardist Igor Khoroshev joined Anderson, Howe, Squire and White for 1997's Open Your Eyes and 1999's The Ladder. Khoroshev left before 2001's Magnification and was not replaced.
Yes Discography - 1960s/70s Yes Albums & Yes CDs

1969 Yes Atlantic
1970 Time and a Word Atlantic
1971 The Yes Album Atlantic
1972 Fragile Atlantic
1972 Close to the Edge Wea
1974 Tales from Topographic Oceans Wea
1974 Relayer Atlantic
1977 Going for the One Atlantic
1978 Tormato Atlantic
Yes Discography - 1980s/90s/00s Yes Albums & Yes CDs

1980 Drama Atlantic
1983 90125 Japanese
1987 Big Generator East West
1989 Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
1991 Union Arista
1994 Talk Victory Music
1997 Open Your Eyes Beyond
1999 The Ladder Import
2001 Magnification Rhino