The Men of No Property

Antiwar songs by The Men of No Property
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The title "Men of No Property" is a quotation from the statement by Wolfe Tone, the Father of Irish Republicanism: "The Men of No Property shall liberate Ireland."
Belfast born Barney Mc Ilvogue, Brian Whoriskey and Irene Clarke, Belfast college students in 1969, took part in civil rights protests and marches in Northern Ireland and later saw action behind the barricades at New Lodge, Ardoyne and Short Strand in Belfast against the sectarian police force and the British Army.
Writing and singing songs of the Resistance, The Men of No Property try to tell the story of the people under the Terror.

Artists are the following:

Barney Mc Ilvogue—Singer
Brian Whoriskey—Singer
Irene Clarke—Singer
Sandra Kelly—Guitar, Concertina, Whistle
John Fallen—Fiddle, Basouki, Guitar
Gordon Mc Caffery—Banjo, Mouth Organ