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Antiwar songs by Tanya Janca
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Tanya JancaCurrently Tanya Janca performs as the solo artist "Tanya Janca", and has since 1998. She has also had stints as part of other groups, most notable, Problematic. As a self-taught guitarist/singer/songwriter she has an original flare. For the past few years TanyaJ has been playing in bars and small festivals around Canada, including: LadyFest Ottawa, Ladyfest Halifax, Rock 4 Choice, The Ottawa Fringe Festival, The Piney's Point Blues Festival, The Big Bop (Toronto), The Marquee (Halifax), Barrymore's Music Hall, the Zaphod Beeblebrox, Babylon Club, The March To Save Women's Lives (Canada, 2004), The World March of Women (2000) and many, many more. She was also nominated for "Best Singer Songwriter" for the 2004 Golden Cherry awards and made a cameo appearance in the short film Upgraded.

Tanya Janca wins over many audiences with spicy riffs and exuberant energy with songs that seem to speak directly to each listener. Blunt and political, but still very poetic, her anti-oppression focused lyrics draw a picture audiences can see. Speaking without reservation, Tanya shows us that being a bit "rough around the edges" can be beautiful.

Tanya Janca is often compared to Ani Difranco for her blunt, piercing lyrics and her folk/punk style. She has also been compared to Kathleen Edwards & Alanis Morissette for her melodic, tragedy-prone song-writing. Tanya has performed with great musicians such as Tal Bachman, Carole Pope, Julie Dorion and Andy Stochansky. During performances she plays with an emotional air, singing songs that subject matters range from sex, to feminism, to international politics, to telling off strange men in bars. Full of intense energy, audiences are often surprised by her powerful voice and stage presence. Tanya Janca is also known for mocking her "over-serious" attitude by changing her lyrics to tease the audience and/or herself, telling jokes, and "jumping and yelling" on stage. Tanya Janca truly puts on an interesting and original show.