Guy Michetti

Canzoni contro la guerra di Guy Michetti

Singer/Songwriter Guy Michetti has independently released two full length CDs, "Headin' For The Crossroads" and "All In My Mind." They are now available to order on Michetti's web site, and soon will be available at your local record store.
Michetti's songs "Can't You See The Lonely?" and "All In My Mind" have each won songwriting awards. "Can't You See The Lonely?" won honorable mention last year in Billboard Magazine's World Songwriting Contest. “His lyrics are solid and thought provoking", said the letter from Billboard. His music has gotten airplay at WSIA 88.9 FM in New York City and his music has been streamed and downloaded off the Internet by people all over the world.
Guy's musical style of writing and performance has been described as classic traditional American rock influenced by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Tom Petty and James Taylor with nice storytelling, good dynamic landscape, and lots of musical variety. Famed producer and songwriter Wally Gold acutely recognized his songwriting talent. Mr. Gold who worked for Don Kirshner, discovered Kansas (the band, not the state) and has written hit songs for people like Elvis Presley and Leslie Gore, expressed appreciation for Michetti's songwriting abilities after hearing a live performance. His two CDs, "Headin' For The Crossroads" and "All In My Mind," were recorded and produced on Staten Island at Moon Studios where his producer, Henry Falco, is the Chief Engineer. Last year Michetti released a 4 song EP entitled "I'm Coming Home." The title song raced around the world as it was streamed and downloaded world-wide. The title song is about a wounded solider coming home after a tour of duty in Iraq continues to be a popular download. The CD has had remarkable international sales and hit number #1 for two weeks at an independent music site in the U.K. Michetti has donated all profits from the sale of that EP to Disabled American Veterans. Michetti is part of the independent music movement that is flourishing around the globe. “The internet has become the next big thing. It allows musicians to share their talents not only in the coffee local houses and street corners of the world, but also with music lovers who want to sample new, innovative artists.” The music business is changing,” Michetti says – There are many artists who have free downloads to allow potential fans to become familiar with their music and internet radio is bursting right now, with places like SoundClick, Mixposure and ArtistLaunch that provide great services for Independent artists and music fans alike. Even has independent music like Michetti's available for free downloads and for sale.
A songwriter from Nashville Lex Zaleta said this of Michetti and his music: – Guy Michetti is a walking, talking American jukebox. He has mastered every style of music. Whenever I listen to Guy perform, I feel I could be back in Dustbowl Times with Woody Guthrie or in Greenwich Village with Ochs and Dylan. I could just as easily be in 2093 enjoying his newest release - Guy's music is that timeless. Rarely is that degree of talent wrapped up in so much humility. If Guy were given ten Grammy Awards tomorrow, I would still feel it was too little, too late. You have your own sound - but pretty soon it will be a sound shared by millions. That big break has to right around the next musical corner for you. –
Michetti's music is for sale on an online music distributor call CD BABY. CD Baby then takes music by independent artists like Michetti and distributes it digitally to places like Itunes, Napster and a host of other music sites. Places like Itunes have been acknowledged to have helped bolster sales for the music industry and the independents are becoming a part of that bottom line.
Coming from a musical family background, Guy Michetti began his musical career the day his Grandmother Gelsomina arrived in New York with a guitar for her first grandson. He wrote his first song at the age of 14 and was inspired by his grandfather's songwriting.
Guy has shared the concert stage with jazz great Dizzy Gillespie and folk artist Arlo Guthrie. He traveled on the road for 2 years all over the US and Canada performing with Rock and Roll's famed Bill Haley's Comets as its youngest member playing lead guitar.
Michetti works at his craft and performs in the New York/ New Jersey area in coffee houses like the Muddy Cup and the Perking Latte Café. "These places are a god send to local songwriters and musicians, and it's a great place to hear some good music and meet new people!"
Michetti is also going the tried and traditional route as well. He peforms live and sells CDs at his performances and will be distributing his CDs to local record shops.!"

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