Ennio A. Paola

Canzoni contro la guerra di Ennio A. Paola

Il maestro Ennio A. Paola è nato a Conflenti, in provincia di Catanzaro, ma risiede fin da bambino a Pickering, in Canada (stato dell'Ontario). Ha però mantenuto la cittadinanza italiana accanto a quella canadese.

Riportiamo qui la seguente sua biografia in lingua inglese, tratta da:


Ennio A. Paola B.Mus., B.Ed.
Composer / Director Of Music
Significant Music®™

Ennio Paola was born in Conflenti, (Cz.) Italy and raised in Welland, Ontario, Canada. He earned an Honours Music degree from the University of Windsor (B. Mus. '75) and is a graduate of the Faculty of Education, Queen's University at Kingston (B. Ed. '76).

ACTIVITIES: Founded Significant Music®™, a Music Education publishing and teaching studio. Other teaching experiences include positions with the Toronto District School Board, Toronto Catholic District School Board, and Ministry of Education for the Government of the Bahamas.

AFFILIATIONS: O.R.M.T.A. (Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association), ATN (Affiliate Teachers' Network, Royal Conservatory of Music), SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).

RESOURCE CONTACT PERSON: Sharing Teaching Excellence (Canadian Teachers' Federation), United Nations Hague Appeal For Peace program (Geneva, Switzerland), United Nations Who's Who Reference Contact.

HONOURS: Several, including: Roy C. Hill Award (Canadian Teachers' Federation) (1998),
Pickering Civics Award (Arts & Culture) (1999), Nominee for the Prime Minister's Award For Teaching Excellence (2003).

WORKS: On film: Multi-award winning and Internationally reognized IN TACIT UNDERSTANDING: One Community Under The Same Sky program filmed by National Geographic Society (Washington, D.C., U.S.A.) - Glencoe McGraw-Hill (co-producers) as featured piece in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY: WORLD REGIONS (DVD: 0-07-825826-X).

On Television (Newscasts): C.B.C., Global-T.V., City-T.V., CFMT-T.V.

In print (Book): Original music score contributions to the analysis section of scholarly text DANTE AND MUSIC: Musical Adaptations Of The Commedia From The Sixteenth Century To The Present, Maria Ann Roglieri, Ashagate Publishing Limited, Aldershot, England.

In print (Magazine): Niagara Life, Arts & Entertainment in Canada, Bahamas T.V. Guide & People Magazine

In print (Newspaper): Welland Evening Tribune, Nassau Guardian, East End Express, Li Conflenti (in Italian)

Song contributions: U4P! (United For Peace),
L.O.V.E. I.S. … (Let's Oppose Violence Everywhere … ),
NEW SONGS FOR PEACE (UNESCO endorsed project celebrating the International Decade For A Culture Of Peace And Non-Violence For The Children Of The World (2001-2010) Hague Appeal For Peace (UN).
Visit: http://www.newsongsforpeace.org

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Erik Satie, Bernard Hermann, The Beatles, Scott Joplin

VISUAL ART INFLUENCES: French Impressionists


MOTTO: Sempre avanti! (Always forward!)

CONTACT: e-mail: sigmuse@pathcom.com


Declared: "Celebrity Composer"
Niagara Life Magazine
Volume 19, No. 5

Feature Artist

Paesecom is proud to highlight Ennio Paola's talent
and wishes him success in his endeavours.

Re: paese.com Circle of Friendship with Italy (CFI)

Steps have been taken to make this event an international call for peace and understanding and therefore increase its audience appeal. In this regard, peace educator and Canadian composer Ennio Paola will provide mentoring and support. Ennio Paola is known for his multi-award winning In Tacit Understanding - One Community Under the Same Sky, a musical video program recently endorsed by the United Nations Peace Education. Co-produced by National Geographic Society and Glencoe McGraw – Hill, the video is featured in Regions Of The World.

Congratulations to Ennio Paola

The board of directors of the National Congress of Italian Canadians - Toronto District congratulates music educator and composer Ennio Paola on two counts: (1) the publication of two original compositions in the scholarly text DANTE AND MUSIC: Musical Adaptations of the Commedia from the 16th Century to the Present, by Maria Ann Roglieri (Ashgate Publishing Ltd., Aldershot, Hampshire, UK); and (2) his multi-award-winning video In Tacit Understanding: One Community Under the Same Sky, filmed on location at Union Station, Toronto, for a segment of REGIONS OF THE WORLD, a seven-part video series co-produced by the National Geographic Society of Washington, DC, and Glencoe McGraw-Hill.

Ennio Paola is a winner of the *Roy C. Hill Award of the Canadian Teachers' Federation and the **Pickering Civics Award/Arts and Culture.

*Roy C. Hill Award (Canadian Teachers' Federation):
"In recognition of the initiative and professional enterprise displayed
in the development and successful application of an important educational innovation."

**Pickering Civic Award: Arts & Culture: "For outstanding achievements."

Re: IN TACIT UNDERSTANDING: One Community Under The Same Sky

A Multi-Award Winning / Internationally Recognized Peace Education Program Celebrating Peace, Respect and Cultural Diversity:
In the Media, on the Net and Through the Arts

"... spirit, significance and vigor ... the piece packs a good whallop in a short time."

Chris Intagliata, Film Director,
National Geographic Society,
Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

"We love the segment and feel that anyone who sees it will too. I believe we created some wonderful segments that will be a powerful tool in educating our young people. A wonderful show!"

Marlene Walker-Golden, Associate Producer
Full House Productions,
Takoma Park, MD, USA

"Proud of your segment and many thanks for sharing your experiences."

Linda Goldman, Executive Producer
Full House Productions,
Takoma Park, MD, USA

Re: LUX IN TENEBRIS: La Commedia di Dante: Cantica I, Canto I (Lost In A Dark Wood), Cantica III, Canto XXXIII (Dante Beholds The Universe)

"Paola's two intimate piano pieces, Cantica I: Canto I (Lost In A Dark Wood)
and Cantica III: Canto XXXIII (Dante Beholds The Universe), beautifully convey Dante's personal reactions to the beginning and end of his extraordinary journey through the intimacy, beauty, and creativity of his musical themes."

Maria A. Roglieri, Author, Professor
St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkill, N.Y., U.S.A.
Musical Adaptations of the Commedia from the 16th-Century to the Present,
Ashgate Publishing Ltd., Gover House, Croft Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, U.K.

Re: Danse Suite Hommages En Forme de Erik Satie: Le Gymnopédiste!

"An excellent parody".

Tim Southam, Film Director, "SATIE AND SUZANNE"

"... a beautiful Gymnopédie mood ... in good company with the Camarata Chamber Group's and BS&T's (Blood, Sweat and Tears) variations."

Niclas Fogwall , Satie site administrator http://www.af.lu.se/~fogwall/satie.html
& Olof Höjer, (Swedish Pianist, recognized as one of the finest interpreters of Erik Satie)

Re: … L.O.V.E. I.S. …

"Composer Ennio Paola graced the audience with a beautiful composition
… L.O.V.E. I.S. …"

Honey Novick, Creative Vocalization Studio,
New Songs For Peace, Project Director

Hart House, University of Toronto

"Let me thank you again for the wonderful performance we enjoyed at Hart House
last night. What great work you do! It was truly awesome. My strong desire to offer up a standing ovation was cancelled only by the knowledge that our "main event" would be nowhere near as exciting. Thanks for touching our hearts."

Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa, Campus Sikh Dharma Chaplain, University of Toronto.