Ray of De Earth

Canzoni contro la guerra di Ray of De Earth

Transcript from an interview with Ray Of De Earth:

“…Well, I wrote and recorded all of these songs... in some cases I had money and recorded in a professional studio and when the money wasn't there I recorded at home playing all the instruments myself I only hope that you enjoy listening to them and please tell your friends about me especially your producer buddies. I’m really not looking to be an idol but if the call arises so be it. I am basically a prolific writer. I'm a mature person with a few years under my belt and also a few 100 songs. If they need another Willy' I'd be happy to oblige them. although I'm content to just earn a good living. i have a 7 yrs old son and a 5 yrs old daughter and all they talk about is college. so, " I will work for tuition. "I love god, my wife, my kids, and especially music pretty much in that order, but, music may be there a little closer to the top…

The Emotions of Mind, MainStream, The Carmen, Ray Dearth and Three of a Kind, The Double Eagle Band… Why now this name?

Mom always called me er Ray of sunshine. I thought I should be Ray of De Earth. I'm kind of down to earth anyway.

Do you play live?

Staying pretty busy writing and recording since the break up of the double eagle band, I've had more time to concentrate on my songs. I would love to hook up with a working band and tour again someday..

How, do you think, does the internet change the music industry?

Gives everyone a chance to listen to what ever they like. Instead of being dictated to by Radio.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Let me think a moment… OK Sure!

Your influences?

I love Country but, I cut my teeth on rock. I like it all.

Favorite spot?

Cambria California, though I live in Indianapolis, worse luck.. I think it's the most beautiful place in the USA. It inspires me and rejuvenates my brain, I LOVE the Pacific west coast sunsets..

Equipment used:

Hammers, saws, bailing wire and Fender guitars