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Antiwar songs by Vic Sadot
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Vic SadotVic Sadot lives in Berkeley, CA. He plays original topical folk, rock and blues solo/duo or with the Crazy Planet Band. Vic performs French Cajun/Zydeco songs of the Louisiana Bayou with Planete Folle Band. Planète Folle means Crazy Planet in French, but that band has a very different repertoire.
Vic is a singer-songwriter offering mainly original songs in his solo/duo and Crazy Planet Band shows. The topics range from the kind of subjects you would expect from one who claims and celebrates the folk tradition of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, and Phil Ochs as his heritage. Crazy Planet Band has been around since 1979 and is Vic's showcase for his original folk, rock, and blues songs. Planete Folle features Cajun, Zydeco, and New Orleans R&B covers, many of which are in Louisiana French.

News Journal writer Gary Soulsman once referred to Vic as “the Pete Seeger of Delaware”. Indeed, environmental preservation themes and tributes to local places are celebrated in such titles as White Clay Creek, Our Only Chesapeake, The Brandywine and The Christina, The Fog Watch on Limestone Road, The Swans on Smalley's Pond, The Rugged Hills of Landenberg, and the Chuck Berry-style boogie driven classic tribute to the Delaware shore known as Good Time Delaware.
Vic's most recent songs take on the issues of our post-9/11 times. Titles like Mad Cowboy Disease, Are You a Citizen, The Ballad of Pat Tillman, and Cheney's in the Bunker have been put into rotation at Pacifica's new internet radio station at and they can be heard at
Vic's friend, Dean Banks, has created several videos for YouTube, such as The Ballad of Pat Tillman

When Vic Sadot jump starts the Planete Folle band with his "Pointe Noir" 10 button accordion into a hot Cajun/ Zydeco song like Makin' Love in the Chicken Coop or Zack’s Zydeco, and when the whole band suddenly puts on those bright-colored, bizarre-looking Mardi Gras masks, get ready for a stunning and memorable show! Monty Cullum brings finesse and experience to the electric guitar; Mike Reynolds delivers a rich transcendent piano accordion that generates an enticing dance ambiance. The superb drumming of the legendary Nashville sessions man, Chris Sherlock, accompanied by the steady driving bass runs of Jimmy Pritchard make for a formidable dance rhythm section. The soulful vocals and contagious joy for this French roots music that Vic Sadot puts into the mix tie it all together in a way that engages audiences of all ages! The 1998 Philadelphia Folk Festival program guide put it like this:

"What Planète Folle gives you is sweet Cajun soul mixed with hot Zydeco pepper! They will take you cruising through the Bayou back roads to that swamp party where the good times roll! You will feel like you've been carried off to a traditional "Fais Do Do" Dance Party!”

Planète Folle specializes in creating a good time dance party atmosphere with hot Cajun 2-steps, beautiful traditional waltzes, steamy New Orleans R&B, and spicy Zydeco songs. The band performs this repertoire with deep respect and commitment to the energy and authenticity of the sound, style, and French lyrics of the Cajun and Creole music of Louisiana. Planète Folle is a highly original act in terms of Vic’s C/Z song writing as well as in delivering a sense of the meaning of many of the great classic songs of the Louisiana Bayou. Vic often writes one English verse that boils down the story of a song for those who don’t understand French. It all translates into “Beaucoup Fun”! Pronounce the name right by making it rhyme as in “Let the good times roll with Planète Folle!

Planète Folle has had the honor of playing Louisiana music in many great places over the years. Highlights of their celebrated “Bon Temps Rouler” shows would have to include the “Gene Shay Folk Music Show” and “Kids Corner” on WXPN, Wilmington DE's Grand Opera House “Grand Gala”, numerous New Year’s Eve shows for First Night Wilmington, Newark Community Day events, the Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in State College, PA, the Bethlehem Musikfest, Chadds Ford Days, Delaware Art Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art, the Delmarva Folk Festival in Hartley, DE, and many summer park concerts, country clubs, private parties, and weddings.


Crazy Planet Band… Why this name?

Vic's brother Joe Sadot who died in 1978 came up with a humorous political newsletter called Crazy Planet, a take-off from the Superman Comics Daily Planet. When brothers Vic and Rob started a band in 1979 they chose the name Crazy Planet. When Vic began doing Cajun/Zydeco music after travels in Louisiana, that group name became Planète Folle.

Do you play live?

Mostly in Delaware, but we have played at locations from Virginia to Connecticut.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Most likely as long as artistic and political content was left to the artist.

Your influences?

Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan, Zachary Richard, George Moustaki, Michel Rivard, Gerry Boulet, Tom Paxton, John Fogerty, Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Clifton Chenier, Balfa Brothers, Boozoo Chavis, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger

Favorite spot?
Paris, France

Equipment used:
I have a Pointe Noir Cajun 10 button accordion made by Dick Richard of Church Point, Louisiana. I play a Martin acoustic guitar.

Anything else...?

Delaware Folksinger Writes 'Tough Lyrics' Calling Attention to Neo-Con Corruption
Vic Sadot picks up where Bob Dylan left off, telling America in his music to end the Iraq War and put the neo-cons in jail for causing 9/11.
14 Oct 2005 By Greg Szymanski
Vic Sadot has a knack for tackling tough political issues and then turning them into
the sweet sound of music. But unfortunately his brand of brash, hard-hitting folk music, similar to Bob Dylan in the 60's, is a rarity nowadays and about as hard to find as an honest judge. (To read more of the article click on the link below):

Vic Sadot Song Featured on the Official Website of
one of the Rescue Heroes at the World Trade Center
on 9/11/01: The Ballad of William Rodriguez
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Vic Sadot at My Space Features the “Broadside Balladeer Blog”
Vic Sadot Music Video Planylist at YouTube
Produced by Dean A. Banks

Hear The Kidnapping Coup and read about what happened in Haiti in 2004. Explore recommended links to learn about the struggle for justice and democracy in Haiti:

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