Rude Corps

Antiwar songs by Rude Corps


I've been making, ah... 'music' let's call it - since 1994 (you'd think I'd be good at it by now...) and by my calculations I've spewed out around 900 tracks, including nearly thirty albums. I did once cobble together a demo I was going to send to XL Recordings, but I never got round to buying a stamp. That was donkey's years ago now. I think it's still lurking in a drawer somewhere...

There are currently 10 full albums, 5 EPs and numerous stray tracks available here... keep checking up, cos more music is appearing all the time...

For album and EP artwork, visit my website.

If you think you can stomach more of this shit, then why not check the Rude Corps Archive, and wonder at my musical development (or lack thereof...)

I now also have a page dedicated to remixes I've done for other people...

Finally, there's also a wee side project that I have which goes by the name Esoteric Jones...

Why this name?

This is ridiculous but true: the name came about while I was on a jobsearch scheme - we were made to do wordsearches with a 'health and safety' theme (!) and one of the words was 'procedure', printed backwards, and there it was... rudecorp. I changed it from "corp" to "corps" cos it puts me in mind of various revolutionary groups like the Durruti Column and the Angry Brigade... and cos I'm an anti-corporate type of chap.

Do you play live?

Nah... I'm no performer and I have no desire to be either.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No - I don't need them and it's highly unlikely they'd even want me anyway.

Your influences?

Immediate and obvious influences are: The Prodigy, Ultra-Sonic, Ratpack, Asian Dub Foundation, Moby, Eels, Alec Empire, Roni Size Reprazent, Baby D/House Crew... um, 2 Unlimited...
Less obviously, there's: Dead Kennedys, Crass, Rancid, Rage Against The Machine, Pennywise, The Doors, One Minute Silence, Amen, Mr Lif, Saul Williams...
There's also bits of reggae, indie rock and experimental stuff in the mix...
Basically, I'm a punk with hippy instincts.

Favorite spot?

My bed. And the pub. I'm not a great traveller.

Equipment used:

I used to use OctaMED on the Amiga, then I did two albums with Cubasis. All of the 'Rude Corps' stuff was done with Renoise and I think that I'll stick with that. I also use Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 3 for recording vocals and for primitive attempts at mastering, a really cheap mic (price: ?4.99), but now run through a rather nice M-Audio DMP3 pre-amp and ending up in a Audiophile 2496 soundcard. Also, Rebirth for my squiggly acid needs, an electric guitar, borrowed on a semi-permanent basis and Line 6 Guitar Port. All of which then reaches me ears via a set of Alesis M1 Active 620s.

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