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Ralph BuckleyRalph Buckley is a singer-songwriter-performer from Seattle, Washington. He has been involved
in the Seattle music scene in one way or another for the past 20 years. His music has always
reflected the injustices and obscenities inflicted upon society.

From Ralph Buckley interview:

"Since I'm writing my own bio, this time-I'll come straight to the point (without overloading on self admiration). My name is Ralph Buckley, I'm a 41 year old musician, songwriter, performer ... ...I've been apart of the Seattle music scene in one way or another for 20 + years. With the advent of the internet I've been busy writing and recording songs as quickly as I can produce them. I perform all the instruments in these recordings including vocals, guitar, piano, organ, bass ,drums etc...My current CD/Demo "God is Dead" is a collection of music that reflects the political turmoil presently spinning out of control in this post 911 world. I have been at this for a long time, from blues clubs to coffee houses, some gigs more memorable than others. Now in recent days with inspiration spawned off of listeners growing from the web, this is my 3rdCD/Demo release in 18 months. These songs are influenced by blues, folk, pop, jazz...pretty much what you'd find in my dusty ole' record collection. Peace 2 u (if u want it) Press Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ralph Buckleyralphbuckley@comcast.net Seattle, WA March of 2007 artist: Ralph Buckley CD: "God is Dead" If your looking for an artist with a collection of songs that has strong commercial appeal along with top-40 selling power-...well you had best move on, I'm not your guy. If your still reading-here's the deal. These songs that your going to listen to are controversial and political in their content. Yeah, I know what your thinking "Not another political protest singer", but as you know these are strange days indeed. War, oil, the coming elections in 2007, these political issues are at the core of public opinion, and the kids these days with 'myspace, blogs podcasts and ipods are making their presence and their opinions known! To my surprise, the reaction to these songs have far surpassed my expectations (as seen on my accounts with myspace and youtube.) 'God is Dead' is the title of this CD. The title alone is loud and provocative. The songs 'Butterfly's' and 'The Politics of War and Murder' have produced passionate opinions by listeners both young and old. There are many who are concerned with where their lives are heading and the state of our beloved country in post 911 America.. The words and music and all instruments are performed by myself.

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MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/ralphbuckley