Counter Flow

Canzoni contro la guerra di Counter Flow

Counter Flow's aim is to represent themselves, where they are from and where they are at. Most importantly they want people to see world through their eyes.
– Why this name? –
– Counter Flow, against the pop beliefs. the name does not imply that we condone antisocial behaviour, but question what is presented to us in every day life. –
Counter Flow's first album is called the "Status Quo", needless to say:
– If you are interested in current affairs and experiencing a new perspective on the world then check us out and find out. Peace out. –

Political Hip Hop, Rap, Middle Eastern, Arabic, Talib Kweli, J live, Jurrasic 5, Ozomatli. Anti-war, Pro-human rights.

MC Hyde - lead emcee, oud, piano, producer
Hashman - backup emcee, guitar, neys, co-producer
Ali Baba - backup MC

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