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More than 30 years has elapsed since The Moody Blues entered the music scene. Without doubt, their innovative and ground-breaking album "Days of Future Passed" which was released in 1966, must be the one of the best classic-rock albums of all time. The album stayed on the Billboard charts for over two years and marked a milestone in rock history as one of the very first concept albums, recorded not only with a symphony orchestra but also in stereo, both uncharted territory at that time.

Days was the catalyst that catapulted the Moodies onwards and into the realms of pop history. Not for this band the straightjacket of musical constraints. They all decided at an early stage that they would be true to themselves by creating and developing their own music and they have witnessed their style being emulated by many musicians over the years - but there is only one true Moody Blues sound.

Although the band took a four-year sabbatical during the mid-seventies to pursue solo ventures, they re-grouped to record Octave in 1978. The album very quickly moved into the charts, proving that their fans had remained loyal despite their absence and many radical changes on the pop music scene.

During their extraordinary career, The Moody Blues have warranted their place at the top of the music charts around the world, both with singles and albums. They have also received numerous coveted music awards and appeared all over the world to sell-out audiences. However, it wasn't until recent years that they toured South Africa in the wake of the political changes that, among other things, opened the doors to touring artists.

The Moodies have produced a 5-CD box set and various live and compilation albums since the release of the studio albums Keys of The Kingdom in 1991.

The latest 14 track studio album Strange Times was released in September 1999. This was followed in August 2000 by the Hall of Fame album recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall in London during their tour of the UK earlier in the year.

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