Bob T. Guevara

Canzoni contro la guerra di Bob T. Guevara
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Bob T. GuevaraI was born and raised in Graub√ľnden, a mountainous state in the east of Switzerland. Now I'm studying political science, social anthropology and philosophy at the University of Zurich, working part-time as a taxi-driver at the airport, I'm a political active leftist AND I'm a musician.
When I was 16, I picked up my mother's old guitar and said to her: "Show me some chords, I wanna play Bob Dylan's songs!" And so she did and she gave me a Bob Dylan songbook. That's how I started making music. I learned more and more songs of Bob Dylan, because I'm a big fan of him. I also bought a harmonica with a holder and I bought my first own guitar which I still play. I started writing own songs. I learnd a lot of other songs, from old folk-traditionals to new White Stripes songs.
I really like playing topical songs, most of my own songs are topical too ... some folks call them "protest-songs". Ya know, I heard people say, that with music you can make the world a better place ... I'm pretty sure that's true. And I do wanna make the world a better place.
There are lots of great issuses we have ... war, global warming, poverty, hunger, ... but if you ask me, most of them would be just half as bad if we all would care a little more for each other.
A very great man once wrote on his guitar: "this machine kills fascists". Now, I don't think an acoustic guitar is considered a machine anymore these days, but I think you can still kill fascists with one.
Peace! - Bob T. Guevara