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Antiwar songs by Larry Mitchell
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Larry MitchellMarch, 1999 More [Artist Bios]

Larry Mitchell is a consummate and nimble-fingered musician/guitarist currently based in San Diego, California (U.S.A.) who denotes his playing style as instrumental music with emphasis on the guitar, as a music fan can hear on his most recent recording, "Insatiable". His workhorse guitars consist of an Ibanez Blazer and an Ibanez A20n. Mitchell has been playing guitar since 1969, and putting it simply, divulges his career objective, "To keep selling my CDs around the world. To be able to tour three of four times a year."
When requested to let slip his top choice for an effect for the guitar, Mitchell resolutely answered, "Digital or analog delay," and then outlined his musicial goals, "I like my music to move people in some way, tears, smiles, erotic arousal, laughs, just to move people." He maintains a desire to, at some point, study astronomy and the stars, and is at the moment listening to Kings X, DAG, the new Alanis Morrisette CD, Seal and Prince. His most important gratification? "I like it when I get mail from people around the world. When people write that my music has effected them in some way," he explains without hesitation.

Mitchell wraps up by noting long-term and forthcoming endeavors insightfully, by saying, "I spend my days writing music here in my home studio and also producing other artists here. I do a lot of drum programming for other people too. Too much time with a computer!"

Mitchell's discography (available here at Guitar Nine Records) includes several solo albums ("Insatiable", "Escape", "Temptation") and participation on another recording (San Diego Instrumentalists "Enough Talk, Acoustic Guitar Compilation, Vol. 1").