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Canzoni contro la guerra di Jim Lesses

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The Australian singer, Jim Lesses has been writing songs since his mid-teens although he only began performing them on regular basis since 1996. Now aged in his mid-50s, Jim likes to say he is something of a "late bloomer".

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, since he feels that it is only over the past few years that his songwriting has matured to the point where 80 percent of his songs are worth performing. The other 20 percent remain hidden in the back of his filing cabinet.

Jim released his first solo recording in July 2002. Called, Sometimes (I Wake Up Naked), from the song of the same name, it contains some of his best known and most popular songs.

In the near future, Jim will be releasing his second album, American Dream. The album was recorded, produced, and mixed entirely by Jim at his home studio. The song, No Blood For Oil, which is listed on this site, will also appear on Jim's new album. No Blood For Oil was written early in 2003 in the lead up to the present war on Iraq. About the song, Jim writes:

"In January 2003 I was indulging in one of my favourite pastimes - browsing through bookshops - when I saw a series of books about the Second World War. Several of the books dealt with the Holocaust, and the rise of Fascism. I was reminded of images of Nazi's burning piles of books in the streets of German cities. Within minutes I began writing the first line of the song which originally read, "You burn the books at midnight..." I later changed this to "You burn the truth at midnight...", and used the lead up to Gulf War II (on Iraq), as the theme for the song. Subsequent events in the conduct of that war, have not changed my opinions regarding anything I have expressed in the song."

You can visit Jim's website online at: www.jimlesses.com where many of his songs can be heard in full, along with lyrics and chord charts.