Jake and the Infernal Machine

Canzoni contro la guerra di Jake and the Infernal Machine


Jake and the Infernal Machine's 1st full length now available for donations! "Down From the Hills," 18 songs, just finished today (June 21st), email Jake @ trenchesfullofpoets@riseup.net for a copy, or come see the next show! I have played in various punk bands, including punk-reggae rockers Eat At Joes, pirate punk Shiver Me Timbers, and currently the Cliches. I also played in the Boston folk-punk band, 7inch Revolution, from 2003-2005. I started writing songs for the Infernal Machine in 2005, put out a 20 copy Katrina victim benifit cd in september 2006, and have since been recording a full length, due out this summer. The songs on this site will appear (probably beter-mixed) on that full length.