Crying 4 Kafka

Canzoni contro la guerra di Crying 4 Kafka

PAUL R. ABRAMSON is the lyricist and one of the two lead singers. He occasionally plays slide guitar; composed a small amount of the music; sings back up vocals. He is best known as a Professor of Psychology at UCLA and is the author of 10 books.

STEVE STEWART composed most of the music. He is the second lead singer, the lead guitarist, and sings back up vocals as well. Steve has played with many bands, including Cast of a Thousand, "the Pearls", and "Weba and the Harry Knows quintet." Steve has collaborated on radio art commissioned by the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) and dance music with "Shrimps." Steve also writes poetry under the alias "harry k stammer". harry k stammer poetry books include "tents" from Otoliths Publihsing, "beeasily" with Karri Kokko from xStream, and "(little) Tokyo"; another e-book that can be found as a link from

JOE DEAN is the bass player. He currently plays in the bands Cast of a Thousand (with Steve Stewart), The Jack Brewer Reunion Band and Crawlspace. Joe's measurements are 34-26-36, He's a real "corners up" sort of guy and enjoys herbal teas, free internet porn, long walks on the beach, scented candles, armed robbery and talking about himself in the third person. Though he's done some hard time, Joe is fully rehabilitated and is ready to face the world. Besides music, Joe does web design and animation for The Illusion Factory in Hollywood. His rock and experimental video can be seen on

BRANDON THIBEAULT (don't bother trying to pronounce it) is the latest addition to Crying 4 Kafka and despite his boyish facade, has been bangin' the skins for quite some time. After many years of classical voice training and orchestral percussion, and time spent working towards a Jazz Studies degree at Cal State Northridge he moved to Seattle, joined a hardcore Oi! punk band and the rest...the rest is history. He also likes Turkish folk dancing and foreign films.

TERRY GROSS is a part-time rhythm guitarist in C4K. He is also the senior partner of the law firm Gross Belsky Alonso LLP; Burning Man and Robin Finck (NIN) are among Terry's clients.
Influences MUSIC: Bob Dylan, Bad Religion, Bessie Smith, Hank Williams, Tom Jones, Burt Bacharach, Jimi Hendrix, Jack Bruce, X, Eminem, Sex Pistols, Mahalia Jackson, The Beatles, The Bloodhound Gang, Black Flag, Husker Du, Mike Watt, Public Enemy and the Geto Boys. Countless others as well. LYRICS: Jack Spicer, Allen Ginsberg, Keith Holyoak, harry k stammer, Ovid, John Milton, Dante, T.S. Elliot, C.K. Williams, Emily Dickinson, Charles Cheese, W.H. Auden, Samuel Coleridge, Dante, William Blake, and every other poet we've read.