Chris Busby

Canzoni contro la guerra di Chris Busby

Dr Chris Busby is an internationally renowned scientist and founder of the Low Level Radiation Campaign ( His scientific studies and Reports on the dangers of radiation, proving it unsafe at any level, wrong foot the nuclear and arms industry on an ongoing basis. His meticulous research includes the effects on the health of the veterans of the British nuclear testing in the Pacific in the 1950's and subseqent detriment to their children and granchildren, to excess cancers in those living in the vicinity of nuclear power plants and the health impact from depleted uranium weapons use in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq and the devastating effects of the Chernobyl disaster both medically and on the environment. His work gives lie for all time to the assurances of pro-nuclear scientists and government Ministers of the safety of 'clean' nuclear energy, above natural sources.

Reading Busby's careful, rawly undramatic studies, presented in accessible and understandable form, only the deluded or deranged could conclude that an industry which produces wastes which are lethal and do not begin to lose their potency for twenty four thousand years (plutonium) to a maximum of four and a half billion years (uranium) is safer than harnessable nature (wind, solar ..) and recyclable sources. Busby is also an accomplished lyricist and composer, with a wry take on nuclear madness, political shenanigans and death and infanticide for oil.