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Canzoni contro la guerra di Klasse Kriminale
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Klasse KriminaleSito ufficiale

Savona, in the spring of 1985... Marco founded Klasse Kriminale when Punk in Italy was considered dead. However, the movement was in fact quite alive, and Klasse Kriminale began their long career.

1988, after some line-up changes, Klasse Kriminale recorded their first single “Costruito In Italia”, which did well in Italy as well as abroad.

Klasse Kriminale's sound is a strong mixture of Oi!, Punk, Ska and Reggae. Their lyrics speak of social problems, such as work, unemployment, drugs, media, street-life, and generational gaps. The band's influences run from Sham 69, The Clash and Angelic Upstarts to The Specials.

In 1989 Klasse Kriminale recorded their debut album "Ci Incotreremo Ancora Un Giorno" in studios used by Nabat. Shows followed with The Stab, Rappresaglia, Ghetto 84, Nabat, Red Alert, Lurkers, GBH, Oppressed, Angelic Upstarts, Sham 69, Red London, Public Toys, Agnostic Front, Snap Her, Stage Bottles, US Bombs, Dropkick Murphys, The Business, The Toasters, UK Subs...

They then went on to play many shows in the UK, Germany, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium...; they also toured in Japan, Canada and in U.S.A. (on East Coast with Dropkick Murphys, Mad Ball, Templars); they have played at anti-racist and anti-fascist meetings and played at european festivals, such as Holidays In The Sun, Wasted, Rebellion, Force Attack, Monte Paradiso, Rude Boy Unity, Punk & Disorderly...

In their 23 year career, Klasse Kriminale has recorded: "Faccia A Faccia" (for the sub-label of New Rose, Division Nada, managed by Francois, ex Berurier Noir and with Alteau's artwork), "I Ragazzi Sono Innocenti", "1985-95, Orgoglio Per Le Tue Passioni" and "Live/Vivo" (produced by Paul Chain), "Mind Invaders" (7” featured by Luther Blissett ), "Electric Caravanas" (produced by Jimmy "Sham 69" Pursey); "I Know This Boy" (with Riccardo Pedrini, writer and ex-Nabat guitarist); "Stai Vivendo O Stai Sopravvivendo?, ""Welcome To Genoa" (one CD with a video-track about the police violence during the G8 in Genoa), “Live & Loud” (released in Russia), "Klasse Kriminale," (produced by Vic Ruggiero of The Slackers), "Riot! Are You Ready? (out only in Japan), "Heavyweight Oi! Championship Of The World" (Split EP with The Oppressed), "Oi! The Resurrection EP!" (split 7" with The Gonads), “2 bands” (split EP with The 69 Yobsters, Japanese limited ediction) and the latest album "Strength & Unity".

Some of their greatest hits came out of Argentina, Brazil and in all European countries ("The Best Of Klasse Kriminale" came out on Captain Oi!; they were the first non-English speaking act to appear on this label).

Marco, in those years, worked on his fanzine "Kriminal Class", has produced some compilations ("Oi! It's A World League", "Oi! Against Silvio", "Oi! Against Racism" and the latest “Stay Punk!” with 24 bands from all over the world...) and new bands and he has helped bring numerous groups to Italy for shows. These are many ways to stay with kids and to be one of the points of reference of the Punk Rock scene.