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Antiwar songs by Matt McGinn
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Matt McGinnMatt McGinn (January 17, 1928 - January 5, 1977) was Scottish folk singer-song writer and poet from Glasgow.
He found himself joining the folk scene after winning a song contest with a song entitled "The Foreman O'Rourke". He met Pete Seeger in 1961 when he was touring the British Isles. Seeger championed McGinn's music in the United States and arranged for McGinn to be part of a concert performance at the Carnegie Hall, where McGinn met a young Bob Dylan. His career in music began during the folk revival of the 1960's but whilst others leaned towards traditional song, Matt carved his own niche as a humourist and playwright as well as a singer/songwriter. He was a prolific songwriter, drawing on his experiences of Glasgow life for much of his material. His performances in clubs and concert halls were hugely popular, often leaving the audience in tears of laughter.

He passionately believed in the overthrow of capitalism and supported many union disputes and always sided with the oppresed and down-trodden.

Matt died on January 5, 1977 from the effects of smoke inhalation. Although brought up a Roman Catholic he abandoned religion and at his funeral the Communist anthem 'The Internationale' was movingly sung by the large congregation.