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Canzoni contro la guerra di Mark Gunnery
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Mark GunneryMark Gunnery said:
"I make music because I love music, and it's a way I like to communicate with people. In my songs, I try to capture moments in my life, or portray trajectories of thought or throw in ideas from other songs or writings to sketch where I'm at at the time that I'm writing. On my albums, I get caught up in the obsessive tweaking of sound, and experimenting and living in audioland for a while, spending lots of time mixing. I play shows, sometimes often, sometimes not. Sometimes I'm into performing, sometimes I'm not. I have some faith in the ability of music to help people out in abstract, indefinable, personal ways, and that makes me excited about sharing my music with people. I don't copyright my music, and I put all of it online for free download. Something else I'm involved in is the Wasted Earth zine distro. We distribute zines at shows and to different projects. If you're in a band or put on events or perform or whatever, and would like some zines to distro, email me. Also if you have zines you'd like us to distribute, email me, too. Lately, I've been making my own mini-books and releasing them under the name Make It Hot Press. I've got zines about Yiddish, herbs, HPV and writing. In 2006, Mahra Parian and I started performing as the Fools. We recorded an album together and plan on collaborating more. I live in Beautiful Bellingham, Washington, read and write as much as I can, cook good foods, play ukulele, bike and do my thing. I also make the zine "Even If Your Voice Shakes" with Ryan."