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Antiwar songs by Wally Page
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Born in Dublin, Wally Page is a singer and songwriter whose songs are characterized by articulate lyrics and concise intelligent use of imagery and language. Well traveled and schooled in a myriad of contemporary musical styles from Country, Calypso, Eastern and Rock and his Celtic roots. Wally Page's music covers a wide range of influences. With his articulate, passionate songwriting style and delivery. He writes songs that cover every human condition under the sun, from love to hate, and from peace to war. Songs of love, concern, social comment, and biting satire flow from his lips-each one finely wrought, lyrical, and passionate. His venom is directed at those who have no respect for human life, be they South American dictators or Serbian Militia, while his tender side is seen in his sensitive love songs, like his tribute to Kurt Cobain, "Song for KC" and "When love comes your way".
Wally Page's songs have reached ears all over the universe through recordings by Christy Moore and Eleanor Shanley. He has also penned several songs with Christy Moore including "Johnny Connors" and 'Wise, and Holy Woman'. 'Smoke and Strong Whiskey' 'Soldier Boys' 'Biko Drum', 'All for the Roses' and 'So Do I' have been recorded by Christy Moore. 'This is the Day' the title track from Christy Moore's album takes its name from a line in Wally's song 'So Do I' inspired by the great poet Thomas Hardy.
'This is the Day' reached number one in the Irish album Chart and will shortly be released in the UK. Wally’s song 'Biko Drum' was the first of his compositions recorded by Christy Moore on his 'Unfinished Revolution' album in 1987. Since then his songs have found a special place in Christy's live and studio repertoire. Wally Page has toured with Christy Moore and featured on his TV documentary series 'A life in Song'.
An experienced live performer, Wally Page led the successful Cajun/Roots band The Big Mistake in the late 80's/early 90's and scored an Irish chart hit with 'Hey Paddy'. The Big Mistake played sell out gigs in Dublin's Bad Bob's and London's Mean Fiddler. Since then Wally Page has led a successful solo career and released an highly acclaimed debut album There are No Rules in 1996 playing all over Ireland and beyond.
Wally Page has appeared in music venues all over Ireland playing with his own band or in a duo with another unique Irish singer/songwriter Johnny Mulhern. Wally Page and Johnny Mulhern release their debut duo album 'Gone in the Head' in April 2002. This follows several years of successful gigs in Dublin and throughout Ireland and numerous requests for a combined album. 'Gone in the Head' features several new Wally Page composed songs and collaborations with Johnny Mulhern.
Wally Page's melodies and lyrics cannot be pigeonholed or branded to type, rather Wally's musical and appeal know no boundaries, they are for everyone. Now signed to Peer music, Wally Page's unique multi-dimensional, multi cultural songs are available for the World to hear.