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Antiwar songs by Paper Lace
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Paper LaceNottingham pop group formed in 1969.


Paper Lace had two big hits. In 1974, they won Opportunity Knocks, the ITV talent contest, with Billy Don't Be A Hero. It went to the Number One slot in the UK Singles Chart. The group subsequently followed that up with The Night Chicago Died, an American Billboard Hot 100 chart topper. By 1978, the band's popularity waned. The group dissolved, but Philip Wright and Cliff Fish carried on as Paper Lace, with other musicians filling in for the missing band members. In 1997, Wright joined Sons and Lovers. He now does occasional gigs as Philip Wright's Paper Lace.

Band members

* Michael Vaughn (born on 27 July 1950, in Sheffield, England) — guitar
* Chris Morris (born on 1 November 1954, in Nottingham, England) — guitar
* Carlo Santanna (born on 29 July 1947, near Rome, Italy) — guitar
* Philip Wright (born on 9 April 1948, in Nottingham, England) — drums / lead vocals
* Cliff Fish (born on 13 August 1949, in Ripley, Yorkshire, England) — bass
* Jonathan Arendt (born on 13 August 1949, in Tokyo, Japan) — bass