Chili con Chuny

Canzoni contro la guerra di Chili con Chuny
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Chili con Chuny is a berlin-based 5-piece rock band, rooted in the cities local punk scene.

Since its founding in 2003 the band developed from the classic 3-chord fun driven skate music of earlier days to more complex structures. The spirit remains the same, though: enjoyable rock music with a claim to avoid stereotypes and the expectations of a highly narrow-minded scene. Music to bang your head to and lyrics to think about.

"soldier boy" is one of their earlier works and a fictional monologue directed towards a not nearer described young soldier in an unknown combat situation. Leaving out the mechanisms that lead up to war, the song deals with the situation of an individual but faceless (and therefore universal) combatant. The song asks the questions for the purpose of the soldier's actions, obviously in order to address the meaningless and idiocy of war.

While the first two verses build up tension before the actual battle situation, the third verse finds the soldier dead on the battle field and makes the resigning remark, how the soldier's family is going to receive the pretty message that their guy used to be a brave soldier.