Dave Gwyther

Antiwar songs by Dave Gwyther

Dave Gwyther is an acoustic/folk anti-war protest singer/songwriter from Devon in the UK. His music is based around the acoustic guitar with the occasional inclusion of the harmonica (Joan, Where are your flowers?) or keyboard (Apartheid).

He started playing the pubs and folk clubs of Devon in August 2006, and played several folk festivals during the Summer of 2007. His debut album "Wars Will Cease...When We Refuse To Fight Them" was released independantly in October 2007 and is available from CDBaby.com. He currently lives and sings in Seoul, South Korea.

List of anti-war songs by this artist:

1) Bombs Make Terrorists
A song about how the US/UK are just as much terrorists as Al Queda and Iraqi insurgents

2) Joan, Where are your Flowers?
A song about Joan Baez, anti Viet Nam war protests and peace.

3) Field of Poppies
A song about the deaths of millions in the first world war and how on one fateful day the two sides met in no-mans land and realised that they were just men.

4) The Bells of War
A song about the Iraq war.

A song about the war of Apartheid in Israel and Palestine

6)When War is Over
A song about the way the world could be when war is over.