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Antiwar songs by Juan Carlos Baglietto
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Juan Carlos Baglietto
Juan Carlos Baglietto was born in Rosario,Santa Fè,Argentina,in 1956.He belonged to many amateur bands until he formed the band called "Irreal" in 1980,alongside Juan Chianelli on keyboards,Jorge Llonch on bass,"Piraña" Fegundez on flute,Alberto Corradini on guitar and Daniel Wirtz on drums.
The band attracted quite a few people to their concert but was implacably persecuted by the facto government's censorship.In mid-1981,Baglietto launched his solo career and performed in many bars and clubs of Buenos Aires but he did not get the expected level of success until he established himself as an up-and-coming artist at the La Falda Festival in Còrdoba in 1982.By then, he had formed a backing group with Silvina Garrè as backup singer,Fito Pàez on keyboards,Rubèn Goldìn on guitar,Sergio Sainz on bass and Josè "Zappo" Aguilera on drums.Baglietto recorded "Tiempos difìciles" with his band.It was the first Argentine rock album ever to go gold.Many songs from that album like "Mirta,de regreso" or "Era en Abril",got lots of airplay in Buenos Aires radios and this encouraged the success of their live performances in the middle of the Malvinas War.This huge success affected negatively the sales of "Actuar para vivir",their following album.
In May 1983,"El Rosariazo" took place.It was a concert at the Obras Sanitarias Stadium of artist from the city of Rosario.Baglietto performed alongside Litto Nebbia,Silvina Garrè and Fabiàn Gallardo.He and his band gave five sold-out concerts at the Astral Theater for the launch of the album "Baglietto".
"Modelo para armar",of 1985,is their first album without Fito Pàez and on which Baglietto tried to move away from their characteristic style.They recorded all new songs,written especially for this album.
"Acnè" of 1986 is a tribute to "the music I grew up listening".They chose songs that were not hits like "Los dìas de Actemio"(by Los Gatos)or "Tema de Pototo" (by Almendra).
In September 1986,Baglietto performed before 100,000 people at the Flag Memorial in Rosario,as part os the celebrations for the Thousand Days in Democracy,together with Fito Pàez,Silvina Garrè and Antonio Tarragò Ros.
"Mami",released in 1988,was recorded after a year-and-a-half hiatus,with Sergio Sainz on bass,Eduardo Rogatti on guitar,Marco Pusineri on drums and Rubèn Goldìn on backup vocals.
His following album,"Ayùdame a mirar",of 1990,is a totally acoustic album with guitars and percussion,and which features collaborations from various artists:Adriàn Abonizio,Rubèn Goldìn,Chico Buarque,Joaquìn Sabina and others.
Baglietto joined Lito Vitale for an ambitious music project that resulted in "Postales de este lado del mundo",which included songs by popular local authors like Carlos Gardel,Homero Manzi,los hermanos Expòsito,Mariano Mores and Discèpolo.
"Luz quitapenas"(1996) marked his reunion with the musicians from the first epoch: Adriàn Abonizio;Fito Pàez,Jorge Fandermole and Rubèn Goldìn.
"15 años"(1998) was recorded live during his shows at the Opera Theater in Buenos Aires.The album revisits Baglietto's greatest hits and features collaborations by big names like Leòn Gieco,Fito Pàez,Ana Belèn,Joaquìn Sabina and Alejandro Lerner.
In 2001,he joined Lito Vitale and Lucho Gonzàlez as guest musician.