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Antiwar songs by The Youngbloods
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The Youngbloods were an American folk rock band consisting of Jesse Colin Young (vocals, bass), Jerry Corbitt (lead guitar), "Banana" Lowell Levinger (rhythm guitar), and Joe Bauer (drums). Despite receiving critical acclaim, they never achieved widespread popularity. Their only U.S. Top 40 entry was "Get Together".

Background and formation
Jesse Colin Young (b, Perry Miller, November 11, 1944, New York City) was a moderately successful folk singer with two LPs under his belt--Soul of a City Boy (1964) and Youngblood (1965)--when he met fellow folk singer and former Bluegrass musician from Cambridge named Jerry Corbitt (b. Tifton, Georgia) When in town, Jesse would drop in on Jerry, and the two would play together for hours, exchanging harmonies.

Beginning in January 1965, the two began performing on the Canadian circuit as a duo (eventually as the Youngbloods, Young would play bass, and Corbitt would play piano, harmonica and lead guitar). Corbitt introduced Young to a bluegrass musician named Banana (b. Lowell Levinger, 1946, Cambridge, Massachusetts). Banana could play the banjo, mandolin, mandola, guitar and bass; he had played in the Proper Bostoners and the Trolls, and knew of a fellow tenant who could flesh out the band. Joe Bauer (b. September 26, 1941, Memphis, Florida), an aspiring jazz drummer with experience playing in society dance bands, was at first unmoved by the offer to perform in a rock and roll outfit, but soon gave in.