I Hate Myself

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I Hate MyselfCi avevano lasciato anni fa promettendo di non comporre più musica (nota sul loro ultimo 7”). Chi pensava che non avremmo piu sentito parlare dei I Hate Myself dopo il loro scioglimento si sbagliava; ecco i fratelli Marburger di nuovo su vinile, con tre pezzi inediti della band che ha fatto la storia dell’emo. Il disco non é sicuramente all’altezza del full-length e di canzoni come “…and Keep Reaching For Those Stars” e “To A Husband At War”, ma nonostante ciò ci regala 10 minuti di emozioni, e se proviamo a chiudere gli occhi sembra di essere di nuovo nel 1999. Un gruppo straordinario, che con queste 3 canzoni risveglia l’appetito dei loro fan (compreso il sottoscritto) presentandosi come un regalo di natale anticipato. Nel caso (grave) qualcuno non conosca il gruppo consiglio di procurarsi “10 Songs”, il loro unico full-length – o perché no, la raccolta che sta per uscire sempre per No Idea intitolata “15 Songs”.



I Hate Myself was an emo band formed by the Marburger brothers, Jon and Jim, in the mid-1990s in Gainesville, Florida. Musically, the band seemed to take cues from emo predecessors Slint and Indian Summer with their sparse instrumentation and loud/soft, sing/scream dynamics. The band's name, song titles, lyrics, and general demeanor caused many fans to wonder if it was an elaborate joke mocking the stereotypes of the emo aesthetic. No titles were given to any album or single, and their first release (a 4-song one-sided LP) went so far as to not even include song titles. (The second song is the only one with a known title, "Less Than Nothing", as marked on a later compilation album.) Further releases contained song titles that were often very long by conventional standards, describing odd situations that vocalist Jim Marburger would elaborate on within the song's lyrics. This has added to the speculation that IHM were poking fun at emo/screamo bands' tendency to favor drawn-out, often nonsensical song titles that usually do not reflect any themes or lyrics within the song. Liner notes to albums were extremely minimal and sometimes filled with self-deprecation from the band. Despite the supposed signs of being a "joke band", the music itself was never presented in a "jokey" manner and the lyrics laid out coherent storylines and characters. After a string of vinyl-only releases in the mid-to-late 1990s, the band split up. Soon afterwards, the band finally agreed to their first CD release, a collection of their full length Ten Songs LP with one extra track, their contribution to a split 7" with Strikeforce Diablo. The Marburger brothers went on to form Burnman, expanding on the louder side of IHM's sound. That band dissolved soon after releasing their debut LP, and drummer Jon Marburger joined fellow No Idea artists Gunmoll. The band reunited for two shows on one night in Gainesville in 2003. They requested any audio or video footage be sent to them, fueling fans to wonder if a live release might see the light of day. No plans for such a release have been announced. In 2005, the Marburgers recorded three new I Hate Myself tracks for a one-sided LP release. Bass was overdubbed by Jim Marburger in lieu of reuniting with the original bassist or finding a replacement. Currently, the two brothers are playing together again in Die Hoffnung, who released their first album in 2006, once again on No Idea. A 15-song CD, collecting all the remaining tracks not found on the Ten Songs CD release, has been planned since early 2005, but has not yet materialized.