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Barry Butler
"I'm a 76 year old, very frustrated singer songwriter living in Sebring, Florida (USA). I haven't stopped writing, recording and sometimes performing my own songs since I saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. I couldn't believe they played their own instruments and wrote their own songs. What a revelation that was to me, a pretty lousy singer songwriter at the time. But that day will live in infamy, because it altered my life in a dramatic way....some good and so me really bad.
I was supposed to go into our family Printing Business in was always just assumed that I'd take over as I was the only boy in the family. wasn't to be, as I embarked on a zig zag Journey through a difficult life. The only constant was my love of songwriting. I could never sing that great but Loved to interpret my songs... Most people would say that I sounded like Neil Diamond after one too many vodka's. I've been mostly poor and struggling. I became a working entertainer till I was 40 and then went to school to become a Nurse (LPN)...I met and married my wife Suzanne when I was 50 and she was 55 (an older woman). We moved from Hallandale, Florida and moved to Sebring, Florida 3 years ago and here I am at this computer. I stopped working as a Nurse and can't find a decent job. I took Social Security at 65 and still need to work. I've mostly written my own words over the years, but recently hooked up with an extraordinary lyricist from Clovis California...Chet A. Blum...We are 2 Jewish Guys from New York that just love to write songs. We could use any help we could get. I sing and record under the band...BARRY & THE BOOMERS...and we are on Social Security Records...Sponsored by Metamucil, polident and Preparation H...You can see where I'm going there.
I'm 76 and still trying to become a Pro Songwriter. I live in Sebring, Florida (USA) and am married with no children. I write all my music and about half of my words...
I collaborate with lyricists all over the world..sometimes for money and others as just a collab.
I'm a prolific songwriter with 350 original songs up at barrydbutler channel on be. I write all the music and about half the words. I also can do covers but have no PA System.. I am always looking for an INTERESTING Collaboration. I also make songs and a simple demo out of lyrics for only $100...Get in touch if I can Sebring, Florida. I write songs for Musicals and Jingles also.


Neil Diamond, Maroone 5, Mercy Me, Bruce and The Beatles.


I have a Yamaha Keyboard with about 100 preset rhythms. I also can make cd's and mp3's of background music also on my Boss 900. I NEED somebody with a PA System.

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