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Ricky LynchFor many years, Cork singer/songwriter Ricky Lynch has been electrifying Leeside music lovers with the energy and vitality of his live performances; blending perceptive interpretations of Dylan, Beatles and other classics With self-penned songs, as vivid in their imagery as his output as an established and acclaimed visual artist. Put simply, Ricky Lynch’s songs paint powerful pictures in the imagination of the listener.

Now, at last, comes “Can’t Stand Sitting Down”, a debut treasure trove of 12 Lynch originals, produced by respected producer/arranger/guitarist Johnny Scott (Van Morrison, Eddi Reader Nick Lowe etc). Each song in this collection has its own haunting enchantment: from the opening “Devil On Your Trail” (evoking the legend of seminal blues great Robert Johnson), straight on to reflections on the fate of the North American Indian (“Just Lies Again”). “Marguerite And The Gambler”, is as beautifully descriptive a song as its inspiration (Cork-born Daniel MacLise’s painting “The Falconer”, on display at the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery Cork).

A natural story teller in word pictures, Ricky Lynch crafts language with sophisticated, yet simple elegance, immersed as he is in the rich store of musical styles we today file under the term Americana.

“I find that my songs have an almost inevitable connection with my own musical influences, Ricky reflects. “Whether I’m writing songs or painting, the finished picture is so far away from anything I might have sketched at the outset, that’s the rush. A song, like a painting, takes on its own life”

Ricky Lynch’s popularity owes much to his warm, authoritative interpretations of some of the great songmakers of our time. For Ricky, that has always been a labour of love, and he was reluctant to incorporate his own material into live sets made up of the work of artists he revered so much. It seemed somehow irreverent,” he explains. “But, gradually, I began to find that including a song or two of my own went down well with audiences. Nowadays, more and more of my compositions seem to settle comfortably into the mix and I’m delighted that people like them so much.”

But why has it taken so long for this wonderful new album to see the light of day? “Can’t Stand Sitting Down” engrosses from start to finish, musing on life, love and the human condition in its myriad of colours and humours. . Ricky Lynch’s voice rings out clear and strong, the musical styles varying and compelling attention. Johnny Scott’s sure production adds tasteful light and shade, while allowing Lynch’s revelatory brilliance to shine through. Musicians of the calibre of Rod McVey, Nicky Scott and singer Áine Whelan lend a helping hand.

“Can’t Stand Sitting Down” has to be rated as one of the finest and most engaging Irish albums of recent years. As producer Johnny Scott puts it: “It was a thrill to work with Ricky, he really blew us all away in the studio. The consistency of his songwriting is unique and, when he performs, you believe every word. He’s a true artist – the real deal?”