Ruža Nikolić Lakatos

Canzoni contro la guerra di Ruža Nikolić Lakatos
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Ruža Nikolić LakatosThe Lovara woman Ruža Nikolić-Lakatos was born in 1945 and raised in Pápa, a small town in the vicinity of Győr. In 1956, the Lakatos family visited Hungary, and on that occasion fled to Austria. After a short stay in a refugee camp in Tyrol, they decided to move to relatives in Vienna. They had the possibility to rent a caravan on Ringelseeplatz, place of residence for many Hungarian, but also Austrian, Roma. There, she met her future husband Miso Nikolić. Together with their sons Mischa and Sascha they are the ensemble "Ruža Nikolić-Lakatos and The Gypsy Family", a band well-known even beyond the boarders of Austria. Ruža became the most famous Roma singer of the country, and she uses her celebrity for fighting for the Roma’s concern. As their "ambassador", Ruža wants to make the population conscious of her people with the help of her musical repertoire, and passes on traditional songs of the Lovara to younger generations.