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Canzoni contro la guerra di Ljavon Volski / Лявон Вольскі
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Ljavon Volski / Лявон ВольскіLavon Volski

Leanid Arturavich Zeydel-Volski (Belarusian: Леанід Арту́равіч Зэйдэль-Во́льскі; born on 14 September 1965 in Minsk), better known as Lavon Volski (Belarusian: Ляво́н Во́льскі, pronounced [lʲaˈvon ˈvolʲskʲi]), is a Belarusian musician, writer, painter, and founder of the Belarusian rockgroups Mroja, N.R.M., Zet, and Krambambula.
He is the son of Artur Volski, who is a known Belarusian writer, and Russian poetess Svetlana Evseyeva. He studied at Minsk Art College.

He was a vocalist and a keyboard player of the Belarusian Rock-band Mroja. He wrote lyrics for ULIS, album Pa-nad dachami (1995) and was guitar player and the vocalist of Novaje Nieba. Now he is the rhythm guitar player and the vocalist of N.R.M., Zet and Krambambula. In 2008 he has also started a solo career and has released a first album called "Bielaja jablynia hromu" in March 2010. For the Belarusian speaking radioprogramme Radio Svaboda he writes sharp-ironical Cabaret-styled songs about political and social topics. In 2014 he released a solo album "Social Science circular reference]" - an author's view of the problems of modern Belarusian society. This album was recorded at the studio "Ymir Audio" in Vilnius. The musical part of "Social Science" was arranged together with Norwegian musician multi-instrumentalist and sound producer Snorre Bergerud.
On the New Year 2019 he acted and directed the musical show “We will be not understood in Moscow” (Belarusian: «Нас у Маскве не зразумеюць») by Tuzin.fm, “Belsat Music Live”, and himself.


He wrote two books of poetry: Kalidor (1993) and Fotaalbom (2000) and writes for Nasha Niva and the Teksty magazine. His story "The new flat of Kazimir" was included in the collection of prose works "Pavietrany Šar" from the Nasha Niva Library.
Basowiszcza, 2014

Kuplety i prypievy (2008)
Biełaja jabłynia hromu (2010)
Hramadaznaŭstva (2014)
Psychasamatyka (2016)
Hravitacyja (2019)
Ameryka (2020)

Collaborative albums

Narodny Albom (1997)
Śviaty Viečar 2000 (1999)
Ja naradziŭsia tut (2000)
Takoha niama nidzie (2010)

Singles and EPs

Vive Le Matin! (2010)
Try čarapachi (2019)

Compilation albums

Premjer Tuzin 2005 (2005)
Premjer Tuzin 2006 (2006)

Four songs written by Lavon Volski were performed in the 2006 documentary A Lesson of Belarusian, which dealt with the Belarusian democracy movement and the 2006 re-election of Alexander Lukashenko as president. Three of these were performed by N.R.M., the other by Belarusian students.
Soundtracks and arrangements

Author's broadcast "Kvadrakola" for "Radio "BM" (1992–1994)
Author's broadcast "Kvadrakola" for "Radio "Racyja" (1998–2002)[8]
OST to the feature film "Koler kachannia" ("The Color of Love") (2005)
Music for the play on the base of the Minsk Theater for Young People ("TJUH") by the play of F. Alehnovich "Pan ministr" ("Pan Minister") (2008)
OST the feature film "Dastish fantastish" (2010)
OST and lyrics to the socio-cultural video "Budzma blarusami" ("We are Belarusians") (2010)[9]
OST and concept to the socio-political cabaret "Saŭka dy Hryška" in song format for "Radio "Liberty" (2010–2012)
OST and script to the feature film "Adnojčy ŭ Barachlandyi" (film-tale: "Once upon time in Barahlyandiya") (2010)
OST to the feature film "Žyvie Biełaruś" ("Viva Belarus"), the premiere of the film was on May 22, 2012 at the 65th Cannes Film Festival (2012)[10][circular reference]
Musical arrangement and script to the historical and humorous program "Nazad u budučyniu" ("Back to the Future") for the Polish-Belarusian TV channel "Belsat" (2012–2014)
OST and script to the feature film "Byvaj, Ziamla" ("Farewell, Earth!") (2014)
2014-2018 OST and concept to the socio-political cabaret "Saŭka dy Hryška" in the animated clip format for "Radio "Liberty" (2014–2018)
The satirical radio program "Aranžavyja akulary" ("Orange glasses") for "Radio "Liberty" (2015)
Musical arrangement to the concert-musical "Narodny albom" ("Folk Album") for the "Bialystok Opera" (2016)[11]
The song "Namaluj" ("Draw") - the musical part of the project "Kazimir Malevich for children" with the support of The Malevich Society is a private American not-for-profit organization (2017)[12]

Musical works

The musical band Mroya (Albums: “Stary chram” ("Old Temple"), “Zrok” ("Vision"), “Studyja BM” ("Studio BM "),”28-ja zorka” (“Star 28") (vinyl studio " Melody") (1986-1994)
The musical band N.R.M. (Albums: "Lalalala" (1995), "Odzirydzidzina" (1996), “Pašpart hramadzianina N.R.M.” ("Passport of citizen of N.R.M.") (1998), “Try čarapachi” ("Three turtles") (2000), “Dom kultury” "House of Culture" (2002), "06" (2007)
The musical project Krambambulya (Albums: “Zastolny albom” ("Half a liter of good mood") (2002), “Karali rajonu” ("Kings of the District") (2003), "Radio" Krambambulya” 0,33FM" (2004), “Krambambula śviatočnaja” "Krambambulya holiday" (2007 ), "Drabadzi-drabada" (2011), “Čyrvony štral” ("Red Strahl") (2015)

Solo projects

The album “Kuplety i prypievy” (“Couplets and choruses") (2008)
The album “Takoha niama nidzie" (“There is no such thing anywhere") (2009)
The album “Biełaja jabłynia hromu” ("White Thunder apple") (2010)
The album “Hramadaznaŭstva" (“Social science") (2014)
The album “Psychasamatyka” ("Psychosomatics") (2016)


People's Choice Award at the festival "Rock-step 1988"; winner of "Navapolack 1988" festival (1988)
Grand Prix in the nomination "The best keyboardist" at the festival "Three Colors 1990" (1990)
Rock crown in the nomination "Song of the Year" ("Partisan song") (1996)
Rock crown in the category "Album of the Year" ("Folk album") (1997)
Rock crown-1997 in the nomination “Band of the Year "N.R.M." (1997)
People's Choice Award (1998)
Project of the Year ("Holy night 2000") (1999)
Song of the Year ("The balloon") (1999)
Musician of the Year (2000)
Event of the Year (the project "I was born here") (2000)
The best lyrics (2000)
Song of the Year ("Three turtles") (2000)
Album of the Year ("Three turtles") (2000)
Rock crown (2000)
Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year – "Rock-Coronation-2002" (2002)
Artist of the Year at the "Rock-Coronation 2004–2005" (2004–2005)
Artist of the Year at the "Rock Coronation 2007" (2007)
Winner of the award «FreeMuse Awards-2016" (2016)